What words are like LMAO LOL?

What words are like LMAO LOL?

OTHER LAUGHTER ACRONYMS It’s not just lol—there are other acronyms indicating laughter, such as lmao, lmfao, rotfl, rotflol for laughing my ass off, rolling on the floor laughing (out loud), and of course they can also be capitalized for emphasis.

What does TLDR mean?

too long; didn’t read
1 : too long; didn’t read — used to say that something would require too much time to read It was 70 years ago that poet W.H. Auden published “The Age of Anxiety,” a six-part verse framing modern humankind’s condition over the course of more than 100 pages, and now it seems we are too rattled to even sit down and read …

What does POG stand for twitch?

Pog stands for ‘Play of The game’, with Poggers generally meaning the same thing. It is commonly used in the twitch community to broadly represent anything positively noteworthy that the streamer has done, occasionally being used sarcastically.

What does FTW mean on Snapchat?

FTW is an acronym that means “for the win.” This definition may seem obscure. I mean, what does “for the win” really mean? Well, think about it. If you’re in an online game and you capture the flag, you did it for the win or so that you could win.

What can I use instead of LMAO?

Acronyms to Express Laughter Online

  • LOL (laughing out loud)
  • LOLZ (more than one laugh)
  • ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing)
  • LQTM (laughing quietly to myself)
  • LSMH (laughing & shaking my head)
  • LMHO (laughing my head off)
  • HAHA (this one goes without saying)

What is BRB and TTYL?

TTYL stands for “talk to you later.” This initialism is used to tell someone you’re leaving the conversation and you’ll speak to them later. However, BRB and AFK often denote a shorter period (like a few minutes), while TTYL is often used when you’ll be away for a more extended period, like several hours or days.

What does LMAO, SMH, FML, OMG, AFAIK, OMFG, OMB, IMHO, Fo, Lol, IMO mean?

The following is a list of the most common and up-to-date teen texting acronyms that will make deciphering those secret messages clear for you: LMAO = Laughing my ass off. FML = F*** my life. LOL = Laugh out loud. SMH = Shake (shaking) my head.

How many of the dominating abbreviations are LOL and Ily?

LOL, OMG and ILY: 60 of the dominating abbreviations 1 LOL: Laugh out loud 2 OMG: Oh my god 3 ILY: I love you 4 LMAO: Laughing my a** off 5 WTF: What the f***? 6 PPL: People 7 IDK: I don’t know? 8 TBH: To be honest 9 BTW: By the way 10 THX: Thanks

What does LMFAO, Lol, LQTM, mate mean?

LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off. LMFAO = Laughing My F*cking Ass Off. LOL = Laugh Out Loud. LQTM = Laugh Quietly To Myself. M8 = Mate

Which is the best definition of the term Lol?

LOL, notably, has its own Wikipedia article where it is defined as being internet slang: LOL or lol, an acronym for laugh (ing) out loud, or lots of laughs, is a popular element of Internet slang.