What year did TaylorMade R1 driver come out?

What year did TaylorMade R1 driver come out?

TaylorMade R1 Driver – Product Details

UK Launch 01 February 2013
USA Launch 01 February 2013
Handicap Range Low ‌‌‌‌ High
Golfer Mens
Hand Availability Left, Right

Is the TaylorMade R1 forgiving?

Pros: Longer and more forgiving than the R11S, simple to adjust, crown looks great. Cons: The high-pitched sound at impact won’t please everyone. TaylorMade have unveiled their new R1 driver, the follow-up product to the massively-successful R11S.

What is the standard loft of a TaylorMade R1 driver?

10 degrees
The R1 is shipped with a standard loft of 10 degrees and face angle that is designed to be “visually square” at address (TaylorMade says a visually square face angle actually measures 2 degrees open). If 1.5 degrees of additional loft is added, the face angle will close 3 degrees.

What does 10.5 u mean on R1 driver?

Posted March 30, 2013. In case it wasn’t clear from the other posts, “U” stands for “upright” lie angle.

How old is the TaylorMade r1?

The TaylorMade R1 driver is the longest, most adjustable driver TaylorMade has brought to market for the 2013 season, an excellent option for golfers from a wide range of skill levels.

What size is a TaylorMade R1 driver?

TaylorMade R1 Driver

Specifications: TaylorMade R1 Driver
Club/Loft Hand Length
R1 (8°-12° Range) RH/LH 45.5″

What are the loft settings on a TaylorMade R1 driver?

No longer do golfers have to worry about buying the wrong loft; with 7 loft settings spanning 4 degrees of loft, the R1 driver is going to have the exact setting for your game, and it’s easy to adjust between settings on the course. Adjustable Loft A new loft sleeve enables 7 standard and 5 upright variations of loft between 8 and 12 degrees.

What are the specs of a TaylorMade driver?

With adjustable loft and face angles, the TaylorMade R1 driver has impressive specs to attract any golfer, beginner or seasoned. The wide loft range of the TaylorMade R1 driver makes it standout equipment.

What’s the face angle on a TaylorMade R1?

Adjustable Loft A new loft sleeve enables 7 standard and 5 upright variations of loft between 8 and 12 degrees. Adjustable Face Angle You can also adjust the R1 to one of 7 face angle positions: Neutral Open, Medium-Open, Maximum-Open, Closed, Medium-Closed, or Maximum-Closed.

What’s the difference between the TaylorMade R1 and R1 black?

The difference…the only difference is that it’s black. And for what it’s worth, so is the wrench. I should probably also mention that while TaylorMade isn’t calling the R1 Black a Limited Edition model, they certainly aren’t doing a full production run either.