What year was the PSE Stinger 3G made?

What year was the PSE Stinger 3G made?

PSE Stinger Specifications

Version Brace height Let-off
2013 3G 7.75 “ 75%
Version: 2012 3G
2012 3G 7.75 “ 75%
Version: 2011 (HP Cam)

Is PSE Archery good?

There is nothing wrong and never has been with PSE quality. I have owned many PSE bows in the last 40+ and have never been dissatisfied with any of them. In fact own 2 of them right now. Fact they are one of the TOP 3 bow companies.

Which PSE bow is the best?

The Best PSE Bows

  • Most Accurate: PSE Carbon Air Stealth Mach 1. PSE Archery.
  • Best for Long-Range Shooting: PSE EVO EVL 34. PSE Archery.
  • Best for Bowhunting on a Budget: PSE Nock On Embark.
  • Best PSE Bow for Beginners: PSE Brute NXT.
  • Best Affordable Deer Hunting Bow: PSE Stinger Max.
  • Best PSE Bows for Kids: PSE Mini Burner.

How much does a PSE Stinger weight?

PSE Stinger 3G Review

Compound Bow Draw Weight AtA Length / Weight
PSE Stinger 3G See Today’s Price on Cabelas 50, 60, 70 lbs. 33″ / 4.3 lbs.

How fast is the PSE full throttle?

PSE Full Throttle Specifications

Brace Height 5.25 “
Draw Weight 40 lbs – 70 lbs
IBO Speed 362 fps – 370 fps
Weight 4.1 lbs
Let-Off 70%

Who owns PSE Archery?

founder Pete Shepley
PSE founder Pete Shepley joined Drury Outdoors’ 100% Wild podcast to talk about his life and times in the archery business, including the industry’s transition from the recurve to the compound bow.

Does PSA make good bows?

The PSA was designed due to the number of instinctive shooters in the market requiring a shorter hunting bow without using sights. The PSA is a good choice for most bowhunters. It is one of the smoothest longbows you will ever shoot and the transaction from a recurve to this bow is as easy as it gets.

How do you adjust the draw weight on a PSE?

Changes in draw weight can be made by turning the limb bolt in or out. Before making any changes in weight, turn the limb bolt clockwise to the bottom position. Never use extreme torque when turning the bolt or damage to the limb may occur.

How fast is a PSE Stinger?

304 fps
PSE Stinger Max Specs: Speed: 304 fps. Axle-axle length: 30 inches.

Is the PSE Stinger 3G compound bow RTS package?

For the ardent fans of archery, experiencing a PSE Stinger 3G Compound Bow RTS package by PSE Archery can prove to be nothing short of exhilarating. This all in one package has been designed keeping in mind extreme user friendliness.

What kind of grip does the PSE Stinger 3G have?

The PSE Stinger 3G has an X-Force-inspired riser made of machined aluminum. The grip has a beautiful convex curve and is ergonomic regardless of your bow hand (I am a southpaw) and provides for a very stable grip. The metal is laminated with comfortable holding dents which have not faded since the time of purchase.

What kind of Bow does the PSE Stinger Max have?

The PSE Stinger MAX is offered to consumers as a package bow, meaning that it comes fully outfitted with several accessories carefully chosen by PSE. This package includes a Sierra Micro 5 Pin Sight, Phantom Drop-Away arrow rest, Torment Quiver, Recon 6″ Stabilizer, Mongoose Peep, and a nocking loop.

How big is a stinger 3G hunting bow?

Having a 33″ AtA length, and being light-weight (4.3 lbs), the Stinger 3G is an ideal hunting bow for beginners. The flexibility and maneuverability is that of a classic hunting bow, while at the same time having the technology and mechanisms needed for 21st century shooting.