When did the song 96 Tears come out?

When did the song 96 Tears come out?

Audio sample. “96 Tears” is a song recorded by the American garage rock band? and the Mysterians in 1966 (see 1966 in music). In October of that year, it was #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. and on the RPM 100 in Canada. Billboard ranked the record as the #5 song for 1966.

When was 96 Tears by question mark created?

On November 11, 1966, the single was certified as gold by the RIAA. The song was written by Question Mark (Rudy Martinez) in 1962 in his manager’s living room, and was recorded in Bay City, Michigan. At first, Question Mark had to insist that “96 Tears” be the A-side over “Midnight Hour”.

Who was the keyboard player for 96 Tears?

Lets start with that. Keyboard Player was “Little Frank” Rodriguez who was about 14 years old at the time — the only member of the band actually old enough to sign a contract was Question Mark. Mel from Grand Funk had nothing to do with the recording of 96 Tears.

When did 96 Tears by the Fuzztones come out?

The Fuzztones included a version of the song on the 2013 album Snake Oil. Punk Rock bands X and The Cramps both reference the song, including allusions to “96 Tears” in the lyrics to “Johnny Hit and Run Paulene” and “Human Fly”, respectively.

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When did Gloria Meets 96 Tears come out?

The Bonne Villes released a version in 1967 on the Justice record label. Available on Bringing it Home (1997) and Green Crystal Ties, Volume 3: Gloria Meets 96 Tears (1998), both Collectables Records. The Fuzztones included a version of the song on the 2013 album Snake Oil.