Where are the cleaners in the division?

Where are the cleaners in the division?

Who are the Cleaners? Everything you need to know about the Cleaners from Tom Clancy’s The Division….Named Enemies.

Known Cleaners in The Division
Target Description Location
Ashford Part of the defence at the Crashed Tanker (Tank) Crashed Tanker

Where are the Rikers in Division 2?

Named Enemies

Known Rikers in The Division
Target Description Location
Rekt Part of the Rikers group hiding out at The End is NY underground club- Guard The End is NY (Underground)
Known Rikers in The Division 2
James Dragov Leader of the Rikers after Larae Barretts death (Rogue Agent) Wall Street

Who is the main bad guy in the division?

Colonel Charles Bliss (simply known as Charles Bliss) is the main antagonist in the 2016 videogame The Division. He is a military commander and the leader of the LMB. He is in alliance with Aaron Keener and his rogue agents.

Why did Aaron Keener go rogue?

Keener was part of the First Wave of Division agents to be activated after the outbreak of Green Poison. One of his objectives given by The Division was to secure what would be known as the Dark Zone, constructed to contain the infected citizens. As such, he made the choice of turning rogue against The Division.

How do I get a cleaner key?

A returning faction is The Cleaners, and you can find their keys in the New York area. These hidden keys are scattered throughout the city. Much like the Rikers, another returning faction, you can find a Cleaner’s key by opening a silver key box.

Where can I find Rikers in the dark zone?

The most common enemies to encounter in this zone are Rikers. There are two checkpoints located at opposite ends of 34th St, also there are two “alternate” entrances one is located at W 36th St. and the other is at E 38th St. The safe house is located at E 38th St.

Why did Faye Lau turn?

The most probable reason for her going rogue was caused by her sister’s death following the attack of the Hell’s Kitchen settlement. Another probable reason for her to go rogue was after close interrogation with rogue agent Alicia Coswald, who said she’s on the side of The Division by going rogue.

Will there be Division 3?

Although no plans for The Division 3 have been revealed, Ubisoft is expanding the sub-franchise to include a new mobile game and a Netflix movie starring Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal. There’s even going to be a novel set after the events of the second game.

How do you get cleaner keys in Division?

What are rioters in the division?

The Rioters are gangs of common thugs and delinquents that just want to rob and even kill others to ensure their own survival. Many know they can kill but will use that as a final option, but some will pull the trigger first.

Do Division agents exist?

Division agents are embedded in civilian communities across the United States. Other than top-secret covert training exercises agents do not engage in field work until Directive 51 is invoked and the president of the United States activates them.