Where does 422 start and end?

Where does 422 start and end?

The CE422 bus (422 to Thousand Oaks) has 45 stops departing from Jefferson Blvd & Hoover St Outbound and ending in Wilbur Rd & Thousand Oaks Blvd (Arriving). CE422 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 4:55 AM and ends at 7:20 AM.

Where does 422 end?

The western segment of US 422 runs from downtown Cleveland, Ohio east to Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. The eastern segment, located entirely within Pennsylvania, runs from Hershey east to King of Prussia, near Philadelphia….

U.S. Route 422
East end US 202 near King of Prussia, PA
States Ohio, Pennsylvania

What exit number is Wexford PA?

FROM I-79 NORTHBOUND. Off I-79 northbound, take the Wexford Exit (# 73).

What exit is Edinboro PA?

Travel north on Interstate 79 to the Edinboro exit (#166).

What is the speed limit on 422 in PA?

On Route 422, where the speed limit is 55 mph, 65 will put you in the slow lane. Staying within the legal limit at 55 could get you mowed down. The 65 mph speed limit is currently the highest allowed in Pennsylvania. It’s reserved for major interstates, including the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

What township is Collegeville PA in?

Montgomery County

What exit is Bridgeville?

Exit 54
Exit 54 – PA-50; Bridgeville – Interstate I-79 Northbound in Pennsylvania – iExit.

What exit is Grove City PA?

All Businesses at Exit 113 (PA-208; PA-258; Grove City) along I-79 in Pennsylvania | iExit Interstate Exit Guide.

What is the municipality of Collegeville PA?

Collegeville is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia on the Perkiomen Creek. Collegeville was incorporated in 1896….

Collegeville, Pennsylvania
Elevation 207 ft (63 m)
Population (2010)
• Total 5,089
• Estimate (2019) 5,174

What towns are in Perkiomen Township?

Perkiomen Township is a part of the Perkiomen Valley School District. The school district was created in 1969 and also includes Collegeville Borough, Trappe Borough, Schwenksville Borough, Skippack Township, and Lower Frederick Township.

What exit number is Waynesburg PA?

I-79 at Exit #14 (PA 21/Waynesburg)

What exit is Meadville PA?

Interstate 79
Interstate 79 – Meadville Exit’s – Meadville, PA.

Where does u.s.route 422 begin and end?

U.S. Route 422 ( US 422) is a 271-mile (436 km) long spur route of US 22 split into two segments in the U.S. states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. The western spur of US 422 begins in downtown Cleveland and ends at Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. The eastern spur, located entirely within Pennsylvania,…

Where does US 422 begin in Hershey PA?

U.S. Route 422. In Hershey, Pennsylvania, the eastern segment of US 422 begins at an interchange with US 322 and Pennsylvania Route 39 (PA 39). US 422 is named the Benjamin Franklin Highway in Pennsylvania.

Where is the eastern segment of US 422?

The eastern segment, located entirely within Pennsylvania, runs from Hershey east to King of Prussia, near Philadelphia. US 422 Business is the offshoot road into each of 4 towns along the way. The segmented nature of US 422 violates AASHTO numbering, as two separate roadways traditionally do not carry the same route number.

Where does US 422 turn into West Penn Avenue?

US 422 heads into the borough of Cleona and becomes West Penn Avenue, heading past homes and commercial establishments. The route becomes East Penn Avenue at the Center Street intersection and runs through more developed areas, becoming the border between Cleona to the north and North Cornwall Township to the south.