Where does the food at Donatello come from?

Where does the food at Donatello come from?

Choose any of our menus below to view all of our authentic Italian dishes. Donatello’s fine cuisine is derived mostly from Italy and the northern style of cooking, but also features traditional dishes that range as far south as Naples and the Amalfi coast.

What to do on a date at Donatello’s?

Get dressed up and plan a date night or come in your favorite pair of jeans. The atmosphere at Donatello’s is perfect for any occasion. Even if you are not wanting to grab a bite to eat, you can still enjoy an evening with us. Get in high spirits at our full bar right here at Donatello’s Italian restaurant.

How many reviews are there for Donatello’s pizza?

Since Donatello’s received an average of a 4.5 star review and had over 270 reviews, we figured we would try out this mom & pop restaurant. There is no parking lot, so you have to find street parking, which may be difficult during the peak hours. It is self-seating inside, so you order first and find a table to sit.

What kind of health problems does Anthony Donatello have?

He and his wonderful wife Ernesta are now in need of some help and I am asking for your support. Anthony spent much of 2020 in and out of hospitals with respiratory and heart issues followed by severe ulcers and kidney problems.

Where is Donatello’s pizza in Penacook located?

Located at the Thirty Pines Plaza on Village Street, Penacook. Donatello’s bakes a New York style pizza, with a soft and chewy crust. The pizza dough and pockets are made fresh daily, from scratch and in-house.

When did the boisverts buy Donatello’s pizza?

The Boisvert’s bought Donatello’s in 2002 and have grown it to what it is today. We pride ourselves on being a family friendly environment that is active in the community and are members of the Penacook Association. We do what we can to help out local sports teams, school clubs, and organizations.

When did Lidia Bastianich open the Becco restaurant?

(212) 397.7597. The most casual of Lidia’s New York restaurants, Becco opened in 1993 in Manhattan’s theatre district. Guests will enjoy the family friendly atmosphere and the dinner and wine values.

How many restaurants does Lidia Bastianich have in it?

Guests can shop for fresh high quality produce, Italian housewares and take cooking lessons and tours. This location offers four restaurants, nine eateries, two cafes, two bars, a fresh pasta counter, bakery, gelateria and more.