Where is MPI head office?

Where is MPI head office?

Winnipeg, Canada
Manitoba Public Insurance/Headquarters

How do I renew my license Manitoba?

About the renewal process

  1. online with VISA or MasterCard (see list of qualifying payments)
  2. online or by telephone through your financial institution (you’ll need your customer number)
  3. in person with cash, cheque , debit, VISA or MasterCard wherever Autopac is sold.

What is MPI email address?

[email protected]
To verify you received an invitation, you can call MPI at 204-985-7000 (toll-free at 1-800-665-2410) or email MPI’s Customer Research team at [email protected].

Is MPI a government?

About Manitoba Public Insurance Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) is a non-profit, Crown corporation that has provided basic compulsory automobile coverage since 1971. Insurance, licensing and registration services are provided through centres in 12 communities, and at more than 300 Autopac agents across Manitoba.

How many MPI is Winnipeg?

Visit us. We are easy to find. There are more than 300 Autopac agents throughout Manitoba to serve you. You can also visit any of our service and claim centres across the province.

What happens when your license expires Manitoba?

When your driver’s license hasn’t been paid for by your renewal date, as long as it is not your full 5 Year Driver’s License Renewal, MPI won’t cancel/lapse the license immediately. They will, however, send you letters indicating that you need to pay or the license will be cancelled by a certain date.

Where is Manitoba Public Insurance located in Winnipeg?

Our official Mailing Address is: Manitoba Public Insurance Box 6300 Winnipeg, MB R3C 4A4. Our official Delivery Address is: Manitoba Public Insurance Box 6300 Room B100, 234 Donald Street Winnipeg, MB R3C 4A4

How to contact the MPI Media Relations Unit?

For information or interview requests, media can contact our Media Relations Unit at 204-985-7300.

How to become bilingual in Manitoba Public Insurance?

To be considered for a designated bilingual opportunity, you must meet the minimum language proficiency requirement. Successful applicants will be required to undergo a language proficiency assessment. Interested in other opportunities with Manitoba Public Insurance? We’ve got you covered.

How to contact Manitoba Public Insurance about fraud?

If you have questions or comments, you can contact us electronically using our General Inquiries form. Please allow two business days for a reply. If you have information about suspected auto insurance fraud, use our online tip form to report it or call our confidential Manitoba Public Insurance TIPS line: