Where is the Budweiser deck at Target Field?

Where is the Budweiser deck at Target Field?

The Minnesota Twins Budweiser Roof Deck is a unique seating area located high above the outfield wall in the left field corner of Target Field. The Target Field seating chart shows the Twins Budweiser Roof Deck to the left of section 329 and above section 127.

Does Target Field have a retractable roof?

Target Field is a baseball park in the historic warehouse (or North Loop) district of downtown Minneapolis. The ballpark is open-air and not considered “roof-ready” in any way.

Do the Minnesota Twins have a retractable roof?

They don’t have a roof on their ballpark. But they do have a varied ballpark history; outside at Metropolitan Stadium from 1961-81, then inside at the Metrodome until 2010, then Target Field and outdoors once again. In Milwaukee, the retractable roof has saved baseball for this community, for this state.

Is Target Field enclosed?

Target Field was built without a roof because the average high temperature in April is 58°F and the average high temperature in September is 72°F, plus it should be blatantly obvious that it’s warmer here during the summer months.

What are good seats at Target Field?

The best seats at Target Field are in the Champions Club seats behind home plate. However, most baseball fans are not looking to spend that kind of money, so alternatively the 100 level sections around the infield are also a great option.

What are the best seats at Target Field for a concert?

For the best overall sightlines, choose a low row in a section that is not directly behind the basket (avoid 201 and 221). The view from the lower rows (A-H) will be comparable to those from the lower level and being off-set from the basket will give you less obstructed sightlines to the court.

How much is a ticket to a Twins game?

Minnesota Twins Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2021 Target Field $38
2020 Target Field $106
2019 Target Field $46
2018 Target Field $29

Do the Twins have a covered stadium?

Target Field is located in downtown Minneapolis, in the Warehouse District. The ballpark reflects Minnesota’s dynamic blend of urban sophistication and outdoor vitality. The facade consists of Minnesota limestone and a canopy covers much of the upper deck seating.

Do the Minnesota Twins have a dome?

Located in Bloomington, MN the Twins shared this stadium with the Minnesota Vikings (NFL). By the mid 1970s it began to show its age. Both teams began to push for a new stadium and in 1977 the Minnesota State Legislature passed a bill authorizing construction of a multipurpose domed stadium.