Where is the engine number on a Land Rover Defender?

Where is the engine number on a Land Rover Defender?

The engine serial number (12 digits) and engine code (5 digits) are stamped on the exhaust side of the cylinder block, parallel to the transmission clutch housing.

What engine is in my defender?


Land Rover Defender
Engine 2.8 L BMW M52B28 petrol I6 3.9 L Rover V8 petrol V8 5.0 L Jaguar AJ-V8 petrol V8 Supercharged 2.2 L Ford Duratorq turbodiesel I4 2.4 L Ford Duratorq turbodiesel I4 2.5 L 200 Tdi turbodiesel I4 2.5 L 300 Tdi turbodiesel I4 2.5 L Td5 turbodiesel I5

Where is the VIN number on a defender?

The VIN plate is located on the brake pedal box in the engine compartment. The VIN is also stamped on the RH side of the chassis to the rear of the front lashing eye.

What is a puma defender?

The Ford powered or ‘Puma’ Defender (we’ll refer to them as Puma Defenders) was introduced in 2007 and it’s a legacy of the short time that Ford owned the Jaguar Land Rover Group back in the early naughties.

How do I identify my Land Rover engine?

Look on the left side of the engine between the two center exhaust ports (numbers 3 and 5). There you will find the engine serial number. The engine compression ratio is also stamped above the serial number. On some Land Rovers, the air flow meter may be in the way, obstructing your view of the serial number.

Where is the engine number on a Rover V8?

The engine number of most Rover V8s is stamped on the left hand side of the block deck, adjacent to the dipstick tube, although some very early engines had the number stamped on the bellhousing flange at the rear of the block.

How do I know if I have 200tdi or 300Tdi?

Visually the 200tdi discovery will have small square headlights and the 300 has the facelift larger headlights without plastic surround around the lamp unit.

Where is the VIN on a Land Rover?

Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be found on a plate which is visible from the driver’s side looking through the windshield from the exterior of the vehicle. Your VIN can also be found on the certification label in the driver’s door opening.

Where is chassis number on Defender 110?

Stick your head inside the right front wheel arch. Have a wire brush and some tyre chalk handy. The chassis No should be stamped on the chassis leg.

What engine is in the Land Rover Defender Puma?

The Defender made another step-change in April 2007 when the Td5 engine was replaced by the four-cylinder, 2.4-litre Puma unit. It used direct injection and turbocharging to generate 121BHP and a huge 265lb-ft of torque, but it also hit the tough new Euro IV emissions regulations.

Where is the engine number on a Series 1 Land Rover?

The engine number is found on the left hand side of the engine bay. It is stamped on the flat face just above the exhaust valve rocker cover and beside the exhaust manifold at the front of the engine. The engine changes and differences occured throughout 80″ Land Rover production.

When did the Puma defender Defender come out?

The Puma engined Defender was released in 2007 and will be the last engine fitted to production line Defenders (albeit the 2.2 variant). It’s been over a year since we purchased our own 2.4 TDCi Duratorq 110 Defender and so far it’s caused very few problems, the only jobs we’ve done are:

Where to find engine number on defender 2.2 Puma?

Just looked under the bonnet of my 2.2 Puma; there is a label stuck to the top right side of the timing cover (when viewed from the front) with a 12 digit number followed by the engine code number. The first six digits look like Year/month/day. The second six digits will be the engine number, the engine code on yours will be something like DT***.

Why does my Land Rover Defender Puma make a sucking noise?

Land Rover Defender Puma Engine Warning Light If you have an engine light come on a 2.2 defender without any other symptoms like smoke, LIMP Mode, engine noises like sucking noises then is possibly the MAF sensor. Resetting the error code will simply bring it back after a short while. The MAF sensors get clogged up due to build up and gunk

How often should I replace my Puma defender diff?

Some need replacement every 50 000 (fifty thousand) kilometers. That’s just not cool if you ask me and enough to drive you bonkers. So if you’re driving a Puma Defender with a p38 Diff and it is making weird noises, you might want to consider sourcing a second hand Salisbury diff and doing that upgrade.