Where should my hands be at the top of my backswing?

Where should my hands be at the top of my backswing?

At the top of the backswing, the right elbow should be bent at slightly more than 90 degrees. The right wrist should also be bent at about 90 degrees so that the palm of the right hand faces directly at the sky (back of the hand is parallel to the ground. Your right elbow should be below the right shoulder.

What should wrists look like on top of golf?

Left Wrist is Flat at the Top of the Swing At the top of the swing your wrist should be fully hinged. However, you’ll need to make sure that in addition to the hinge, your wrists don’t bow or cup. A cupped wrist is the opposite and will see the top of the left hand curl up.

How high should arms be in back swing?

90 to 100 degrees
Seriously: From address, your arms lift anywhere from 90 to 100 degrees in your backswing. 2. Feel as though your arms are lifting the club’s center of mass as you begin your backswing.

Do you lift your arms in the golf backswing?

In making a full and powerful backswing, your arms lift about 90 degrees, swing across your chest about 15 degrees, and rotate open (clockwise) 90 degrees more. That’s a lot of movement! To make a proper backswing, start by lifting your arms.

Should arms stay connected to body in golf swing?

On the backswing, keeping the upper arms connected to your chest allows the path of the golf club to move inside and naturally along the proper arc. A great drill to practice the feeling of a connected golf swing is to place a glove, towel, tissue or dollar bills in both armpits as you address the golf ball.

What’s the best way to swing a golf ball on the backswing?

If you tend to work your trail elbow away from the lead elbow on the backswing, practice swinging with the ball between your upper forearms. Remember, if the right elbow folds correctly in the backswing you can hold a pizza with your right hand at the top of your golf swing. If the right arm separates the pizza will fall to the floor.

What happens to the left wrist during a golf swing?

If the left wrist cups during the golf swing, we–in turn–open the clubface. Now, if the left wrist flexes (opposite of cupping) the clubface will close. If the hands roll over so that the top of the left hand is facing the sky, the club opens.

What are the common mistakes golfers make on the backswing?

The first mistake is opening the clubface during the backswing. This move sets up a golfer’s followthrough to fail by creating an open clubface at the top of the swing and an open face at impact most likely causing the ball to slice. The second mistake is separation of the elbows during the backswing.

What should the left arm angle be on a backswing?

At the top of the backswing, the left arm should match the angle of the player’s shoulders which should be parallel to the swing plane. It is important to avoid any separation of the left arm out and away from the body.