Which District is Lamwo?

Which District is Lamwo?

Region Northern Region of Uganda
Sub-region Acholi sub-region
District Lamwo District
Elevation 1,100 m (3,600 ft)

How districts are in Uganda?

As of July 2020, Uganda is divided into 135 districts and the capital city of Kampala, which are grouped into four administrative regions….Districts of Uganda.

Map District pop.
86 Butambala 100,840
87 Buvuma 89,890
89 Gomba 159,922
27 Kalangala 54,293

How many sub counties are in Lamwo district?

nine Sub-counties
Lamwo district has one county (Lamwo) with nine Sub-counties, Two Town Council (Lamwo TC & Padibe Town council), and Two town boards Palabek Kal and Madi Opei).

When was Lamwo district created?

Lamwo District was curved out of kitgum district in the year 2009 by an act of parliament of Uganda and operationalised in January 2010.

How meny district is Uganda?

Uganda is divided into 80 districts across 4 administrative regions. Most districts are named after their main commercial and administrative towns. 11 new districts were formed on 1 July 2006.

How many districts are there in Buganda?

26 districts
Districts. Buganda currently is divided into 26 districts as of 2021.

How many districts are there?

In some cases districts are further subdivided into sub-divisions, and in others directly into tehsils or talukas. As of 2021 there are a total of 748 districts, up from the 640 in the 2011 Census of India and the 593 recorded in the 2001 Census of India.

How many districts are in each region of Uganda?

The regions of Uganda are known as Central, Western, Eastern, and Northern. These four regions are in turn divided into districts. There were 56 districts in 2002, which expanded into 111 districts plus one city (Kampala) by 2010….Maps & Regions.

Region Population 2002 Area
Northern 5,148,882 85,391.7 km 2 (32,969.9 sq mi)

How many clans are in Buganda?

52 clans
Oral history has always maintained that there are 52 clans in Buganda.

How many kings are in Uganda?

two kings
According to the traditions of the Baganda they are ruled by two kings, one spiritual and the other secular. The spiritual, or supernatural, king is represented by the Royal Drums, regalia called Mujaguzo and, as they always exist, the Buganda at any time will always have a king.

What are the 32 districts?

Tamil Nadu covers total land area of 130,060 km2 and is divided into 32 districts which are: Ariyalur, Chennai, Coimbatore, Cuddalore, Dharmapuri, Dindigul, Erode, Kancheepuram, Kanyakumari, Karur, Krishnagiri, Madurai, Nagapattinam, Namakkal, Perambalur, Pudukottai, Ramanathapuram, Salem, Sivaganga, Thanjavur, The …

How many district are there in Nepal?

77 districts
Districts of Nepal — Nepal currently comprises 77 districts, which are its second-level administrative country subdivisions.