Which is best vertical or horizontal blinds?

Which is best vertical or horizontal blinds?

Vertical blinds are preferred for large size and wider windows and patio or sliding doors. Horizontal blinds are preferred for narrow, taller and small windows.

What lengths do vertical blinds come in?

The most common standard vertical blind sizes that you can buy quick ship or off-the-shelf range from 24-inch x 72-inch to 72-inch x 72-inch. Wider or longer vertical blinds typically require a custom order. Trimmable length vertical blinds allow you to cut the vanes to a shorter length at home.

Are horizontal blinds better than vertical blinds?

Horizontal blinds are much less likely to expose the interior of your home or business. They’re ideal for tall and narrow windows. Just as vertical blinds are perfect for wide windows and sliding glass doors, horizontal blinds are more practical for tall and narrow windows due to their design and construction.

Why are vertical blinds so popular?

The ultimate reason why vertical blinds remain in style, despite not selling just as much as it did in ’80s and ’90s, is because they are still the most affordable and functional window treatment of choice to control light and view at large doors and windows.

Do vertical blinds look cheap?

Affordable. When compared to other window treatment options, modern vertical binds are quite affordable. This is thanks to their simple design. They give you a great way to make your windows look amazing and complete your interior look without having to spend a lot of money.

What length do blinds come in?

If you’ve ever wondered what the standard size of window blinds is, the standard window length ranges from 36 to 72 inches, and the standard width ranges from 24 to 60 inches. However, window sizes and shapes can vary greatly, especially in older homes or homes with custom windows.

What size slats do vertical blinds come in?

The most common slat sizes are 35 millimetres, 50 millimetres and 64 millimetres. However, some blinds feature larger slats — running to more than 127mm slat widths. Use a tape measure or consult your order history to find the width of your vertical blinds slats.

What can I use instead of vertical blinds in windows?

Drapery. A chic way to replace vertical blinds is drapery. Drapery can completely cover your window or be pulled to the side for a more open view. Budget Blinds offers everything when it comes to drapery, including ready-made panels, valances, cornices, decorative drapery hardware and motorization.