Who is Android 20 in Dragon Ball Z?

Who is Android 20 in Dragon Ball Z?

Vegeta, Piccolo, and Gohan lead an exhaustive search through the mountains for Android 20. But the hunters are also the hunted! Android 20 lurks in the shadows, ready to strike, and it looks like Piccolo is his first target! Error: please try again. Our heroes make a startling discovery: Android 20 is none other than Dr. Gero himself!

Where does Goku go in Dragon Ball Z?

Joined in battle by the Z-Fighters, Goku travels to distant realms in search of the magic powers of the seven Dragon Balls! By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms.

Who are the Spice Boys in Dragon Ball Z?

Enraged, Garlic Jr. transforms using the energy of the Makyo Star and warns that the Sacred Water’s effectiveness will soon expire. Error: please try again. Garlic Junior and his Spice Boys harness the evil power of the Makyo Star to become stronger than ever, but Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo are ready to battle this new threat!

What does King Kai tell Goku in Dragon Ball Z?

King Kai tells Goku about his ancestors and Goku begins his second task of hitting Gregory on the head with a heavy hammer. Error: please try again. The Saiyans arrive on Earth.

How did Vegeta defeat Android 19 in Dragon Ball Z?

In his first fight as a Super Saiyan, Vegeta takes control of the battlefield and defeats Android 19 in convincing fashion! Unwilling to share 19’s fate, Android 20 runs for cover in the mountains!

What happens to Yamcha in Dragon Ball Z?

Yamcha is held at the mercy of the ruthless Android 20, and Goku and the others must race to help their friend. Believing their power to be far superior, the Androids tempt Goku’s rage by leveling half of the city!

Where does Dr Gero go in Dragon Ball Z?

Dr. Gero escapes to his mountain hideout and brings his killer androids to life. Without the help of Goku, all hope seems lost. Dr. Gero appears one step closer to ultimate vengeance, but his evil creations have a vendetta of their own!