Who is at fault for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet?

Who is at fault for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet?

The first character who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet is Romeo himself. The first reason Romeo is to blame is that he went uninvited to the Capulet party. If Romeo did not go to the party, Romeo would have never met Juliet, and Tybalt would never have known he was there.

What is the result of the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

Moments later Juliet wakes, and, finding Romeo dead, she plunges his sword into her breast. In addition to unifying the play’s themes of love and violence, the ending also brings an end to the longstanding feud between the Capulet and Montague families.

Did fate or free will kill Romeo and Juliet?

Free will is important to the outcome of Romeo and Juliet; however, fate also plays a very important role. The reason that fate plays an important role in the outcome of this play is because there are things that happened in the play that none of the characters were able to control, or change.

Are Romeo and Juliet victims of fate?

Just like everybody else, William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet are victims of bad luck. The Capulets and Montagues hate each other, Juliet has an arranged marriage to Paris, and there is a plague in the city of the messenger. And so it is bad luck and fate that ultimately cause the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

What is the role of fate in Romeo and Juliet?

Well you could say that fate played a very big role in Romeo and Juliet. It was fate that Romeo decided to crash Juliet’s party and that she was the woman he fell in love with. SHakespeare plays with the idea of fate/fortune and how it ultimatly rules one.

What are examples of fate in Romeo and Juliet?

Fate 8: Romeo has a dream that Juliet finds him dead. This is foreshadowing to the already destined event these two lovers will soon face – death. This is yet another example where fate has a role in the lives of Romeo and Juliet; it is something that they cannot control.

Why does Shakespeare use fate?

For example, in the opening lines of “Romeo and Juliet,” Shakespeare allows the audience to hear his characters’ destiny. The idea of fate permeates through many of the events and speeches in the play. Romeo and Juliet see omens throughout, continually reminding the audience that the outcome will not be a happy one.

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