Who is cross in diary ng Panget?

Who is cross in diary ng Panget?

James Reid
Cross Sandford is a character portrayed by James Reid in the film, Diary ng Panget: The Movie. This is James’ first lead role in a movie.

What is the ending of diary ng Panget?

In the end, the young are all depicted as ugly ducklings waiting for their prince charming. Despite this criticism, Diary ng Panget succeeds in bringing together a particularly charming cast with relative newcomer Nadine Lustre leading the charge.

What is the summary of diary ng Panget?

A poor young woman becomes a personal maid for a rich and handsome young man. The two do not get along at first, but as their lives become entangled, their relationship becomes more complicated.
Diary ng Panget: The Movie/Film synopsis

Who wrote diary Panget?

Diary ng Panget: The Movie/Story by

Is James Reid and Nadine Lustre back together?

It’s been over a year since James Reid and Nadine Lustre announced their breakup, but fans remain invested in their relationship status – especially since the two have stayed friends and continue to work together. In the Boy Abunda interview, James also shared the moment when he realized that he wanted to pursue music.

What is the genre of diary ng Panget?

Diary ng Panget: The Movie/Genres

What movies came from Wattpad?

In fact, some of the movies, shows or series based on Wattpad books have been blockbusters for e.g After….Take a look:

  • After.
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  • Perfect Addiction.

Is Nadine and James still together 2021?

Who is Nadine’s boyfriend 2021?

businessman Christopher Bariou
Nadine Lustre’s new boyfriend is Filipino-French businessman Christopher Bariou.

When was Diary Panget published?

Diary ng Panget

Diary ng Panget book 1 cover
Diary ng Panget Complete Collection: Diary ng Panget Diary ng Panget 2 Diary ng Panget 3 Diary ng Panget 4
Publisher Viva-PSICOM Publishing Corp. (formerly known as PSICOM Publishing Inc.)
Published May 2013 – September 2013 March 2014 (Movie tie-in)
Media type Print (paperback)

Who is cross in Diary of Panget Wattpad?

She studies at Willford Academy and is a model of some products that don’t need to show her face (Wattpad version only). She was hired by Mr. Sandford to be the personal maid of his son, Cross. Cross Sandford: (portrayed by James Reid in the film adaptation). A handsome, rich and snobbish teenager. He studies at Willford Academy.

Is there an ebook version of Diary ng Panget?

The book version was the same as the Wattpad version except for some characters until its fourth volume came out and new content in it was different compared to the original ending in Wattpad. In May 2013, the eBook version of the story has been removed from Wattpad by the owner, in order to prevent further unauthorized reproductions of the work.

Who is eya’s best friend in Diary ng Panget?

Eya does not realize this and starts developing a crush on her best friend Chad ( Andre Paras ), but later lets go of him since he likes her friend Lory ( Yassi Pressman ). However, Lory has had a crush on Cross since when they were in kindergarten and feels betrayed when Eya starts spending more time with Cross.

Who is the narrator of Diary of Panget?

Reah “Eya” Rodriguez: (portrayed by Nadine Lustre in the film adaptation). The protagonist and narrator of the series, the titular ‘panget’. Eya describes herself as an ugly person. She studies at Willford Academy and is a model of some products that don’t need to show her face (Wattpad version only).