Who is eligible for WSQ course?

Who is eligible for WSQ course?

Trainees must be Singaporeans aged 35 years and above and earning up to $1,900 a month to be eligible. Unlike the TCA which is targeted at older, low wage workers, there are no age and income criteria for the SkillsFuture Qualification Award.

How do I get WSQ certified?

Go to the MySkillsFuture portal. Click the Singpass icon and log in via Singpass. Go to Skills Passport > click on Certificates to view WSQ e-Certs records. Select trainee’s WSQ e-Certs and click on “Download e-Certs”

What is the difference between WSQ and non Wsq?

Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) is a national credential system that trains, develops, assesses and certifies skills and competencies for the workforce. Non-WSQ courses are broad based, non certifiable courses, with a different set of eligibility criteria to WSQ courses.

Is suss diploma Recognised in Singapore?

Accreditation, Ranking and Awards SUSS is officially accredited and recognised by the Ministry of Education – Higher Education Division and is ranked 5,745 in the world and 14th in Singapore.

What is a diploma in social work?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work is an academic and professional qualification where you will experience an integration of practice and research. Social workers have a key role in working with other professionals to offer support to some of society’s most vulnerable citizens.

What qualifies you for a workforce?

Top FAQs

  1. live in a property with an annual value3 of more than $13,000 assessed as at 31 December of the preceding year;
  2. own two or more properties; or.
  3. if married: you and your spouse together own two or more properties; or. the assessable income of your spouse for the preceding Year of Assessment exceeds $70,000.

How do training providers get accredited?

What you should do

  1. Send a letter of your intention to be accredited as a provider of education and training to the relevant ETQA.
  2. Submit a self-evaluation and application form to ETQA.
  3. If you are not granted accreditation and you feel the process was unfair, you have a right to appeal.

What does Wsq mean?


Acronym Definition
WSQ Water Survival Qualified
WSQ Workforce Skill Qualification (Singapore)
WSQ Welfare Square (Salt Lake City, UT)
WSQ Wallace Stone Quarry (Bay Port, Michigan)

How do I apply for a non-WSQ course?

1)Set up EASY Account with IRAS if you do not have one. 2)Apply for Non-WSQ Organisation SkillsConnect Profile if you do not have one. 3)Apply for Funding for Non-WSQ Course with your non-WSQ organisation profile. The course will only be available for training grant applications in SkillsConnect upon funding approval.

What are the features of WSQ certification in Singapore?

The WSQ programmes are funded and quality-assured by SkillsFuture Singapore, which awards the WSQ certifications. Key features of WSQ courses are:- A competency-based system, designed to develop job role-specific skills and competencies, as well as generic skills and competencies that are required across job roles.

Can you cancel WSQ diploma course in Singapore?

Ascott Centre for Excellence reserves the right to cancel all classes for the WSQ diploma courses we offer in Singapore in the event that it receives insufficient nominations to allow good learning dynamics to take place. Click here For Individuals. Click here For Corporate.

What can I do with WSQ diploma in hotel and accommodation services?

The WSQ Diploma in Hotel & Accommodation Services seeks to equip learners with in-depth skills and knowledge in the Hotel Operations. It covers 7 modules involving operations management in the areas of Front office, Housekeeping, Reservations & key areas in Hotel operations.

Which is the best provider of WSQ courses?

SRA is a provider of WSQ Courses which are developed under the WSQ system based on skills and competencies validated by employers, unions and professional bodies. This ensures existing and emerging skills and competencies that are in demand are used to inform training and development under WSQ.