Who is Jane Brody and what are her credentials?

Who is Jane Brody and what are her credentials?

Jane Ellen Brody (born May 19, 1941) is an American author on science and nutrition topics, who has written a number of books and reported extensively for The New York Times as its “Personal Health” columnist, which appears weekly in the paper’s Science Times section, which has been syndicated nationwide.

Where is Jane Brody?

The recipient of numerous awards during her career, Brody counts among them the Howard Blakeslee Award from the American Heart Association (1971), the Science Writer’s Award ADA (1978), and a Lifeline Award from the American Health Foundation (1978). She continues to write from her home in New York.

How do I contact Jane Brody?

Jane Brody’s Email

  1. @gmail.com.
  2. @nytimes.com.

Who was Jane Brody’s husband?

Richard Engquistm.?–2010
Jane Brody/Husband

Ms. Brody was born on May 19, 1941, in Brooklyn, New York, where she has resided since 1967 with her husband Richard Engquist, a lyricist for stage musicals who died in 2010. Their twin sons, Erik and Lorin, both married, share her enthusiasm for wholesome food and fitness.

What does Jane Brody eat?

I eat everything I want, in moderation. My meals — mostly homemade — are heavily loaded with vegetables, and I choose calorie-controlled snacks like popcorn at 35 calories a cup, a graham cracker at 59 calories for two squares, and ice cream (really ice milk) at 100 to 150 calories a half cup.

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