Who is sensei in Young Justice?

Who is sensei in Young Justice?

Keone Young is the voice of Sensei in Young Justice.

What does Infinity Man?

Infinity-Man has seemingly limitless strength and endurance, invulnerability, flight, ability to “phase” through matter, vast energy and matter manipulation, magnetic powers, and Infinity-Beams. Other powers include a form of advanced healing and telepathy.

Who are the new gods in Young Justice?

Known New Gods

  • Darkseid.
  • Desaad.
  • Forever People. Vykin. Bear. Dreamer. Moonrider. Serifan.
  • Grayven.
  • Highfather.
  • Kalibak.
  • Orion.
  • Metron.

How powerful is Infinity Man?

Thanks to these two connections, Infinity Man is one of the universe’s most powerful beings. He is a little below many of the New Gods themselves but shares many of their powers, including matter manipulation, control of gravity, shooting Infinity Beams, and more.

Who is Sensei Batman?

Art by Neal Adams. The character is a martial arts sensei and adversary of the superhero Batman, along with Deadman and several other heroes. Sensei is the maternal great-grandfather of Damian Wayne, the father of Ra’s al Ghul, and also the paternal grandfather of Talia al Ghul.

Who is the old man who trained Bruce in Gotham?

At one point, Bruce is trained by a man named Henri Ducard. Bruce abandons Ducard when he encourages Bruce to take the law into his own hands by killing criminals. After several years, Bruce returns to Gotham and starts his crime-fighting career as Batman.

Are the Forever People evil?

They’re a race of immortal beings that help maintain the balance of the universe. Some of them are benevolent and live under the guidance of the wise Highfather in the floating city of New Genesis. Others are evil and live on the nightmarish world of Apokolips, ruled over by the powerful overlord known as Darkseid.

Is black racer a New God?

The Black Racer is a fictional character, a deity and avatar of Death in the DC Comics universe who often hunts those affiliated with the Speed Force. The character first appears in New Gods #3 (July 1971) and was created by Jack Kirby….Black Racer (DC Comics)

Black Racer
Notable aliases Flash

Are kryptonians New Gods?

Kryptonian expansion During their “Great Age of Expansion”, the Kryptonians would come across the New Gods of Apokolips, though their encounter would end with the two races becoming enemies.

How strong is Highfather?

Highfather is an immortal with high levels of super strength, endurance, speed and reflexes, equal to Darkseid. As Izaya, he was superb hand-to-hand combatant and a master of weaponry.

Who is the strongest new god?

Powers and Abilities Yuga Khan was the most powerful New God. A proper measure of his might was the fact that Darkseid himself dared not face him. Khan also had the ability to traverse hypertime and could even manipulate The Source itself to an extent.

How big is the Infinity Man in Young Justice?

Infinity-Man appears in the Young Justice episode “Disordered”. Instead of a man, this version of Infinity-Man is a 50-foot robotic entity formed from the merging of the Forever People after they combine their New Genesis technology with the Source.

Who is the Infinity Man in Prime Earth?

Infinity Man made his presence known to the manipulative impostor Himon warning the old saboteur that he would make contact with Highfather soon and no one would stand in his way. As his new charges are attacked by both Green and Red lanterns The disembodied entity reaches out to them through Mother Box again.

Who is the Infinity Man in New Genesis?

Before dying of old age, Astorr passes on his role as the “Infinity-Man” to Drax, who then spends several years preparing for the role. Having assumed the title of Infinity-Man, Drax goes on to serve Highfather on New Genesis, where he first encounters the Forever People and becomes a protector.

Where does Infinity Man live in Infinity Man?

Infinity-Man makes a temporary home on a planet called Adon until the Forever People free him from this prison. A later storyline focuses on Devilance the Pursuer and his vendetta against the Forever People and Infinity-Man. Devilance tracks down Infinity-Man to an island, where the two engage in a duel that results in the island’s destruction.