Who is the meanest meanie Numberjacks?

Who is the meanest meanie Numberjacks?

In Seaside Adventure, all five meanies were causing trouble. The meanest meanie and according the hardest for the Numberjacks to beat is the Puzzler. The easiest meanie to beat is Spooky Spoon. The meanie with the most appearances is The Shape Japer.

Who was the villain in the Numberjacks?

Type of Villain The Numbertaker is the main antagonist of the Numberjacks series.

What does the problem blob do?

The Problem Blob is a slime monster which causes trouble by spitting out green blobs of slime which causes any types of trouble. His eye is inside his mouth and it will come out of his mouth as a long tongue.

Who made numberjacks?

MSdee InfoTV

Created by MSdee InfoTV
Written by Chris Ellis
Directed by Helen Sheppard Imogen Robertson
Voices of Dylan Robertson Robert Watson Alice Baker Jonathan Beech Laura Maasland Oliver Keogh Roz Ellis Harry Munday Bob Golding Rachel Preece Ross Mullan

Who is the leader of the Numberjacks?

Six – (voiced by Oliver Keogh) – Six is a “bigger” number, playing tricks, and is good fun. Quite physical, he is a cool jumper, sometimes a bit too flash for his own good. He tends to be the leader of the Numberjacks, though perhaps not as bright as Five.

When did Numberjacks end?

December 11, 2009
Numberjacks/Final episode date

Was Numberjacks banned?

The Numberjacks are now completely banned in our home. Luckily, Spooky Spoon is not on the invitation list to his party.

Who are the Meanies in the Numberjacks series?

The Meanies are main antagonists from the Numberjacks series. The role of each meanie is to cause a problem such as things being in the wrong order or belonging or make things disappear, make any number more of the quantity, or make anyone behave strangley. Zero makes things disappear. One adds one more to everything.

Who are the villains in the Numberjacks series?

One and Zero make ten of everything. Zero, One, and Two might have been brainwashed by the Meanies, the villains who appear in mainly every episode. The Shape Japer, Spooky Spoon and The Puzzler can fly in the air and The Numbertaker is the only human.

Who is the shape japer in the Meanies?

The Shape Japer is female and often the cause of things changing shape, or particular shapes having problems. She flies though the air, doesn’t speak much, but laughs a lot.