Who is the real Venezuela President?

Who is the real Venezuela President?

President of Venezuela

President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Presidente de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela
Presidential Standard of Venezuela
Incumbent Nicolás Maduro since 19 April 2013
Style Mr. President (Señor Presidente) or His Excellency

What President made Venezuela socialist?

Hugo Chávez

Comandante Hugo Chávez
Preceded by Rafael Caldera
Succeeded by Pedro Carmona (acting)
President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela
In office 24 March 2007 – 5 March 2013 Eternal President since 26 July 2014

Who ruled Venezuela?

Nicolás Maduro has been the president of Venezuela since 14 April 2013, when he won the second presidential election after Chávez’s death, with 50.61% of the votes against the opposition’s candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski, who had 49.12% of the votes.

Who is the rightful president of Venezuela?

Juan Guaidó
Assumed office 5 January 2019 Disputed with Jorge Rodríguez since 5 January 2021
Vice President Edgar Zambrano Juan Pablo Guanipa
Preceded by Omar Barboza
National Assembly Majority Leader

Who are the two presidents of Venezuela?

The current presidency has been disputed between Juan Guaido and Nicolás Maduro since January 10, 2019, in the ongoing Venezuelan presidential crisis.

Who started socialism in Venezuela?

Hugo Chávez
United Socialist Party of Venezuela

United Socialist Party of Venezuela Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela
Founder Hugo Chávez
Founded 24 March 2007
Merger of • Fifth Republic Movement • Venezuelan Popular Unity
Headquarters Mariperez, Caracas

When did Venezuela become communist?

Communist Party of Venezuela

Communist Party of Venezuela Partido Comunista de Venezuela
Founded 5 March 1931
Headquarters Calle Jesús Faría, Parroquia San Juan, Caracas
Newspaper Popular Tribune
Youth wing Communist Youth of Venezuela

Why did Spain colonize Venezuela?

Colonial Venezuela’s primary value to Spain was geographic: its long Caribbean coastline provided security from foreign enemies and pirates for the Spanish bullion fleet during its annual journey between Portobelo, in present-day Panama, and Cuba.

Is Maduro legitimate elected?

He was declared the winner in May 2018 after multiple major opposition parties were banned from participating, among other irregularities; many said the elections were invalid. Some politicians both internally and internationally said Maduro was not legitimately elected and considered him an ineffective dictator.