Who owns Alpine cinema?

Who owns Alpine cinema?

Nicolas Nicolau
Alpine Cinema in Bay Ridge can hold 1,300 people, but it hasn’t hosted anyone since the COVID-19 protocols went into place in New York City. It’s been a cause for great stress for owner Nicolas Nicolau, who says the theater will celebrate 100 years in business in June.

How old is Alpine theater?

The Alpine Theatre in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, was opened on June 6, 1921 by Loew’s Inc. The opening program was Paramount’s “City of Silent Men” plus shorts and a newsreel. Music was provided by a resident orchestra of twelve, including an organist.

Is RPX any good?

However, the audio quality of the RPX theater is something to behold. The RPX theater is certainly louder than your average theater auditorium, but the loudness isn’t what won me over. The clarity of the sound effects was top notch, and it really helped with my immersion into the film.