Who owns Martin nursing and Restorative?

Who owns Martin nursing and Restorative?

General Information

Legal Business Name Martin Acquisition I LLC
Ownership Type For profit – Corporation
Changed Ownership In The Last 12 Months No
First Accepted Medicare October 16, 1997 (24 years)
Capacity 120

What is restorative nursing care?

Restorative nursing is person-centered nursing care designed to improve or maintain the functional ability of residents, so they can achieve their highest level of well-being possible. It is a different way of looking at the care that is regularly given.

Why would a person go to a rehab or restorative care facility?

A person of any age who suffers serious illness or injury may require rehabilitation and/or restorative care. For instance, therapists in rehabilitation work to help people regain physical function using a medical model.

What are some differences between rehabilitation and restorative nursing care?

The term “rehabilitation” is most often used when trained professional therapists are involved in evaluating the patient and designing a plan of care. The term restorative may be used when the evaluation and care plan are performed by the nursing staff.

What are examples of restorative care?

The most common restorative care activities were walking, passive and active range of motion, and dressing/grooming (Table 2).

What is the purpose of restorative nursing?

The purpose of Restorative Nursing Programs is to increase the patients’ independence, promote safety, preserve function, increase self esteem, promote improvement in function and minimize deterioration. Specific patient goals, objectives and interventions need to be measurable.

What is the purpose of restorative therapy?

Restorative therapy is designed to improve your mobility, or making walking, repositioning, standing up, sitting down, and transferring from one place to the next easier. It can be much easier to function from day to day when you are able to get around your home, apartment, or room safely.

What is the goal of rehabilitation and restorative care?

What is the goal of the rehabilitation? To restore the person to the highest possible level of functioning.

What is restorative and rehabilitative care?

A period of minimal care and increasing physical activity necessary to restore patients to functional health and allow their return to duty or useful and productive life.

What does rehabilitation and restorative care focus on?

A goal of health care is to prevent and reduce the degree of disability. Helping the person adjust is another goal. Rehabilitation is the process of restoring the person to his or her highest possible level of physical, psychological, social, and economic function. The focus is on improving abilities.

What are the types of restorative programs?

15 complete Restorative programs. ADLs, Ambulation/Falls, Transfers, Bed Mobility, Range of Motion, Locomotion, Brace/Splint, Amputation/Prosthesis, Dressing/Personal Hygiene, Eating/Swallowing, Incontinence, Communication, Medication Self-administration, Ostomy Care.

What does restorative physical care include?

Restorative care helps patients regain physical strength and movement following injury or surgery. It can be a lengthy process and involves ongoing care and support by a CNA. The goal of restorative care is to maximize the patient’s independence and function.