Who played Lucy in Monarch of the Glen?

Who played Lucy in Monarch of the Glen?

Lucy Akhurst
Monarch of the Glen (TV Series 2000–2005) – Lucy Akhurst as Lucy Ford – IMDb.

Who plays Sophie in spaced?

Sophie is Damien’s alluring assistant at Dark Star Comics. She is portrayed by Lucy Akhurst.

What happened to Meg on Monarch of the Glen?

While the McDonald family are celebrating Cameron’s Christening on Meg’s Moor, a blown fuse starts a fire that burns her croft to the ground.

When did Lexie leave Monarch of the Glen?

Monarch of the Glen Season 6 Goodbye Lexie | Monarch of the glen, Uk tv shows, Bbc tv shows.

How old are Tim and Daisy in Spaced?

Plot. Daisy Steiner and Tim Bisley are two London based twenty-somethings who meet by chance in a café while both are flat-hunting.

Where was spaced filmed?

T he house where Spaced was filmed in Tufnell Park, north London, remains a place of pilgrimage for fans of the Nineties TV sitcom, which starred Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes.

Does Archie marry Lexie in Monarch of the Glen?

Despite Stella’s sabotage, intended to show Glenbogle in a dim light at the Midsummer’s Ball in an attempt to stay at Glenbogle for love of Archie, the bank’s chair returns control of the estate to Archie, who finally realises he’s in love with his faithful friend Lexie, and proposes.

Does Lexie leave Monarch of the Glen?

Lexie is leaving Glenbogle. After she kissed with Paul, she had to do the right thing and that is to be with her man Archie in New Sealand.

What happened to Archie and Lexie in Monarch of the Glen?

Lexie confronts Archie, when she suspects that he has no intention of returning as Laird. Archie tells her that he has come to the conclusion that he and Paul can’t run Glenbogle together. He promises Lexie that when he returns from Nepal they’ll start a new life together. Archie and Lexie share a tearful farewell.

Do Tim and Daisy get together in Spaced?

Tim and Daisy ended up together and have a daughter. Pegg said it was always the plan to get them together, even if it never occurred throughout the show. Brian has a long and happy life with Twist, and after his death, his work becomes incredibly popular and sells for millions.

Was Spaced Cancelled?

Spaced ended after two perfect series and, despite fans’ pleas for a third, that was never possible: it was about a specific time in young people’s lives, and also a specific time in London.

Who is Jessica Hynes married to?

Adam Hynesm. 2002
Jessica Hynes/Spouse

Who is Lucy Akhurst in the Vanishing Man?

Lucy Akhurst (born 18 November 1970) is an English actress, writer and director who has been working mainly in television since the 1990s. She starred alongside Neil Morrissey in The Vanishing Man and then came to prominence in a lead role in 1999’s ITV seven-part drama Wonderful You.

Who was Lucy Akhurst in Shaun of the dead?

She starred alongside Neil Morrissey in The Vanishing Man and then came to prominence in a lead role in 1999’s ITV seven-part drama Wonderful You . She appeared as Tim’s ( Simon Pegg) girlfriend for four episodes of UK comedy Spaced and also guest-starred as a zombie in Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright ‘s comedy film Shaun of the Dead .

Who was the lead actor in monarch of the Glen?

The show began in 2000 with Alastair Mackenzie as the lead character portraying Archie MacDonald, a young restaurateur who returns to his Highland home of Glenbogle to discover that he is the new Laird.

Who is Lucy Akhurst married to in EastEnders?

She also directed, co-produced and had a small part in the independent British film Morris: A Life with Bells On, written, co-produced by and starring her husband Chaz Oldham. Akhurst provided the voiceovers for EastEnders in March 2009 for the Mitchell family storyline.