Who threw the no-hitter for 7 innings?

Who threw the no-hitter for 7 innings?

Madison Bumgarner
It’s the second seven-inning no-hitter this season, and will not be designated as official. Arizona’s Madison Bumgarner pulled off the same feat in April, going seven innings against the Braves in a 5-0 win.

Has there ever been a 7 inning no-hitter?

Arizona Diamondbacks left-hander Madison Bumgarner stymied the Atlanta Braves on Sunday in the second game of a doubleheader with a seven-inning no-hitter in a 7-0 victory. Atlanta’s only base runner came on Nick Ahmed’s throwing error on a ground ball by Ozzie Albies to lead off the second inning.

Why did the D backs only play 7 innings?

The committee determined that in order to be credited with a no-hitter “a pitcher or pitchers had to pitch a complete game of nine innings or more without allowing a hit.” A game with fewer than nine would be deemed a “notable achievement” in The Elias Book of Baseball Records.

Are doubleheaders 7 innings?

Major League Baseball made some rule changes last season, as emergency measures amid the coronavirus pandemic. Among them, doubleheader games were shortened to seven innings apiece, and a free runner was placed on second base in extra innings, both designed to shorten the amount of time spent on the field.

Has there ever been a 10 inning no-hitter?

The Reds’ Fred Toney is credited with a no hitter, completing the accomplishment in 10 innings. Game went 10 innings.

Has there ever been a 10 inning no hitter?

What is the new 7 inning rule in baseball?

Among the most disliked rule changes for 2020 and 2021, two seasons affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, are seven-inning doubleheaders and the placed runner at second base in extra innings.

How many innings are MLB doubleheaders?

MLB’s seven-inning doubleheaders, extra-innings runner rule unlikely to become permanent.

How long are MLB doubleheaders?

(c) The second game of a doubleheader shall start thirty minutes after the first game is completed, unless a longer interval (not to exceed forty-five minutes) is declared by the umpire-in-chief and announced to the opposing managers at the end of the first game.

Has there ever been a no hitter longer than 9 innings?

No-hitters broken up in extra innings On May 2, 1917, a game between the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds reached the end of nine innings in a hitless scoreless tie, the only time in baseball history that neither team has had a hit in regulation.

How many no-hitters have been broken up in the 9th?

Of the 38 games in which there was a perfect game through 8-2/3 innings, 25 (65.8 percent) survived as perfect games through the ninth; 28 of the 38 (73.7 percent) survived as no-hitters through the ninth inning.

Is there extra-innings in a 7 inning game?

MLB’s seven-inning doubleheaders, extra-innings runner rule unlikely to become permanent. The rule changes were put in place to reduce time spent at the ballpark during the pandemic, and with vaccine rollout well underway and every MLB ballpark returning to 100 percent capacity, they are no longer required.

Who has pitched the most no hitters?

Former Texas Rangers pitcher Nolan Ryan holds the MLB record with seven career no-hitters. Ryan not only threw no-hitters for the Rangers, but also successfully registered a no-no for the Angels and Astros as well.

When was the last no hitter?

There have been 299 no-hitters in MLB history. A no-hitter is a rare occurance. Although there have been 299 cases in MLB history, the number of pitchers who have accomplished the feat remains small. The last no-hitter was thrown by Seattle Mariners left hander James Paxton , who blanked the Toronto Blue Jays 5-0 on May 8.

How many no hitter games in MLB?

Nolan Ryan holds the record for no-hitters in the major leagues with seven. In baseball, a no-hitter (also known as a no-hit game and colloquially as a no-no) is a game in which a team was not able to record a single hit.

How many no hitters ever?

Through September 1, 2019, there have been 303 no-hitters officially recognized by Major League Baseball , 260 of them in the modern era (starting in 1901, with the formation of the American League).