Who Won year 16 of Countdown?

Who Won year 16 of Countdown?

Prime (formerly known as Harold Tong) is a former champion on the British TV gameshow, Countdown. In 1998, Prime, then known as Harold Tong, was the overall winner of Year 16 of Countdown and won the show’s trademark prize, a Countdown teapot.

Who won Countdown Champions 2021?

Adam Latchford

Year Series Winner
2020 82 Luke Johnson-Davies
83 Adam Latchford

Who is the current Countdown champion?

Conor Travers
Conor Travers, currently studying Part III Mathematics at St John’s, recently won the 30th Birthday Championship of Countdown.

Who is Zarte Siempre?

Zarte Siempre was a contestant in Series 69, an octochamp in and the champion of Series 78 and the winner of Championship of Champions XV. From Dadford, Buckinghamshire, he was a Freelance Marketer at the time of his second run on the show.

Who is Luke on Countdown?

Luke Boynton was a contestant in Series 51 and an octochamp in and the runner-up of Series 83. As of his second appearance, he was a senior finance manager from Birmingham. He is also a poker player, and is the winner of the 2019 International Poker Open. Boynton first appeared on Countdown in 2004.

What is an Apterite?

apterite. A player of apterous. aptodic. The list of words valid on apterous. Typically refers only to the English-language list.

Who was the youngest contestant on Countdown?

From Countdown

Conor Travers Octochamp Statistics
Final position Champion
Seeding 1
Points total 890
Conundrums solved 7

What is the prize for winning Countdown?

The prize for the series winner was a leather-bound copy of the twenty-volume Oxford English Dictionary up to and including Series 83, worth £4,000.

What age is Nick Hewer?

77 years (February 17, 1944)
Nick Hewer/Age

What do Countdown winners get?

Since December 1998, those who also win at least one game receive the Countdown teapot. Finalists and Championship of Champions participants receive a cut-glass trophy (in Championship of Champions XIII the trophy had a small clock inside). Series champions receive a hexagon-based cut-glass trophy.

How many Octochamps are there?

Eight wins has been adequate to qualify for the finals in all series in history up until Series 81, where, for the first time, the presence of nine octochamps meant that the lowest-scoring one did not make the finals.