Why are Ray Ban sunglasses so popular?

Why are Ray Ban sunglasses so popular?

Well, aside from the Wayfarer, Ray-Ban is popular because of its Aviator since 1937. These sunglasses are metal designed for military use that is why it has G-15 non-polarized lenses to protect the eyes of the wearer from UV lights. This style made the Ray-Ban popular, and until now, it is one of the best selling styles for more than 80 years now.

Does Ray Ban make glass lenses?

They have introduced modified designs of lenses for both regular glasses and sunglasses. Specifically, ensur ing the ease and comfort of the user, and ascertain unhampered vision. {In Short: Ray-Ban makes sunglasses in both glass and plastic lenses depending on the model you want to purchase. They come in glass and polycarbonate.

Does Ray-Ban sell prescription sunglasses?

Best known for its pioneering and iconic designer styles-the Wayfarer, Aviator, and Clubmaster-Ray-Ban offers prescription sunglasses in the same statement-making frame styles.

Where can you buy Ray Bans?

Best places to buy Ray-Bans 1. Amazon 2. The Outnet 3. Sunglasses Shop 4. Secret Sales 5. Costco 6. ASOS Other retailers that stock Ray-Ban sunglasses:

Are Ray Ban good brand for sunglasses?

The Wayfarer, Clubmaster, and Aviator sunglasses are the most popular products offered by the company. Some sunglasses enthusiasts might argue that the quality of Ray-Ban suffered a drop-off after it was sold to Luxottica. But make no mistake, Ray-Ban is still among the best sunglasses brands in the world.

Do Ray Ban sunglasses have a warranty?

Ray–Ban® warrants their sunglasses against breakage due to defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Scratched lenses are considered normal wear and are not covered under warranty.