Why is respondus LockDown not working on Mac?

Why is respondus LockDown not working on Mac?

Sometimes, LockDown Browser® does not work properly on Mac OS X or Windows. If LockDown Browser is installed but does not work when you open an assignment that requires LockDown Browser, try uninstalling it and then installing the latest version.

How do I get respondus LockDown Browser to work on my Mac?

To start LockDown Browser, locate the “LockDown Browser” icon on the desktop and double-click it. (Mac users can find it in their Applications folder.) Alternatively, Windows users can go to “Start”, locate “All Programs,” select “Respondus,” and click “Respondus LockDown Browser.”

Why does my Respondus LockDown Browser not work?

a) Your computer, ISP, or network might be blocking access to the Respondus servers. Temporarily relax all anti-virus and firewall software on the computer and try the exam again. If the problem persists, try using the computer on a different network, or using a different computer on your main network.

Are Macbooks compatible with Respondus LockDown Browser?

System Requirements for LockDown Browser Mac: MacOS 10.12 or higher. iOS: 11.0+ (iPad only). Must have a compatible LMS integration.

Why does my LockDown Browser keep crashing?

When LockDown Browser appears to “freeze”, it is commonly due to a dialog box from other applications running in the background appearing underneath the secure LockDown Browser layer or there are corrupted web links, which are blocked.

How does LockDown Browser detect cheating?

The Respondus lockdown browser detects cheating by using the computer’s webcams and microphone to record student’s video and audio during a test. These webcams are used to detect behavior that may be linked to cheating. The instructors have to ascertain the incidents because not all flagged incidents warrant cheating.

How do I download respondus LockDown Browser on my Macbook student?

Downloading and installing Respondus LockDown Browser

  1. Go to your Canvas course site and click the quiz link.
  2. Click Take the Quiz.
  3. Click Download Respondus LockDown Browser. This takes you to the Respondus web site.
  4. Click Install Now. This will download a . zip archive containing either a .

How do I download LockDown Browser on my Macbook?

To download the beta version of LockDown Browser for Mac, go to the current page where students download LockDown Browser for Mac. Click on “Install Now” and you’ll see links to both versions of the browser. The application can be installed side-by-side with the standard version of LockDown Browser.

How do I fix LockDown Browser not working?

Resolution 2: Clear Cache

  1. Open your internet browser.
  2. Clear the cache from your internet browser. Step-by-step instructions for clearing the cache from different browsers can found online on the Refresh Your Cache website.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Try to re-launch LockDown Browser again.

How do I fix LockDown Browser?

To use the Fix it tool,

  1. Log into the course.
  2. Access the Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard. To do so, Click on Course Management. Click on Course Tools.
  3. If any exams are listed with an error on the dashboard, click on the Fix it button. Doing so will correct any errors associated with exam settings.

Which laptops work with Respondus LockDown Browser?

Operating Systems

  • Windows: 10 and 8. Details.
  • Mac: MacOS 10.12 or higher.
  • iOS: 11.0+ (iPad only). Must have a compatible LMS integration. Details.
  • Chromebook: Details.

What laptops can use Respondus LockDown Browser?

LockDown Browser System Requirements

  • Operating Systems Windows: 10, 8, 7, Vista Mac: OS X 10.7 or higher iOS: 7.0+ (iPad only).
  • Memory Windows: 2 GB RAM Mac: 512 MB RAM.

Is there a problem with Respondus Lockdown browser?

We recommend restarting your computer and moving as close to the router as possible. This is a potential problem when installing Respondus Lockdown Browser. Security software or an “anti-malware” program with very high settings might falsely detect LockDown Browsers as malware such as a virus, Trojan or parasite.

Where can I get a building block update for Respondus?

The Building Block update can be obtained at Respondus.com > Customer Login > LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor – then select the server profile that matches the server where the Building Block will be installed. A hotfix update to LockDown Browser for Windows has been released: version

Is there a fix for Lockdown browser for iPad?

Resolved – A fix is now available in the Apple Store with LockDown Browser for iPad version 9.1. Investigating – A recent change in Canvas is currently preventing students using LockDown Browser for iPad from starting an exam that requires Respondus Monitor proctoring.

Which is the latest version of Respondus monitor?

To obtain the latest version ( use the “Check for Update” feature or run the full installation program. On Monday, May 31, at approximately 4:30 pm PST (23:30 GMT), some Respondus Monitor users experienced occasional errors on the startup sequence. Students who were already taking exams were able to continue.