Aluminum Windows: Why are They Better than Reinforced Plastic and Wooden Profile Systems?

Aluminum Windows: Why are They Better than Reinforced Plastic and Wooden Profile Systems?

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when people think of windows in a residential building? Wood? Or maybe PVC? You may be surprised, but when designing modern architecture, engineers and designers are increasingly paying attention to aluminum profiles. Skyscrapers, office and retail buildings, Wright or high-tech private cottages, and even Victorian mansions are now glazed using aluminum profile systems. 

Why have aluminum windows become popular? There are several reasons for this. Let’s take a look at what aluminum profile systems are good for and why they are better than window frames made of other materials.

Thin Frames

What is the main task of a window? Letting daylight into the house. Opening up a view of the world around. Aluminum profiles outperform other materials. They are rigid and, with a small thickness, are able to withstand massive double-glazed windows.

Aluminum profile systems are perfect for panoramic glazing. Or for the reconstruction of old houses with small openings. Thanks to the small frame width, you can make the most of the available glazing area and make the rooms bathed in sunlight. 

Long Service Life

Replacing windows is not the easiest procedure and it is associated with certain costs. We would not want to do house renovations often. And here, among all materials, it is aluminum window systems that win. 

Aluminum is a material without an expiration date. It does not dry out and does not swell with changes in humidity. It does not deform, does not crack from heat and under the influence of sunlight. European manufacturers of aluminum profile systems give a guarantee for their products for 40 to 50 years. This is on average twice the warranty period of PVC windows (25 to 30 years) and three times the resource of wooden frames, which usually have to be replaced every 15 years.

Please note! Due to the extended service life, aluminum windows win in terms of price. Although the initial investment is higher. Due to the longer service life and minimal operating costs, the final price is more affordable.


Aluminum is a tough yet flexible material. Aluminum profiles are suitable for the manufacture of complex stained-glass windows, arched, sash windows, panoramic glazing of buildings. You can make a window of complex shape or with a huge number of bars: in any case, it will be safe, airtight and elegant. 


An important criterion when choosing windows is safety. Aluminum windows outperform wood and PVC as well. Due to rigidity of the frame and the availability of reinforced locking elements, the sash cannot be opened by simply prying it with a crowbar or a screwdriver. Increased load-bearing capacity allows you to install massive double-glazed windows with tempered glass up to 1 cm thick. 

Aluminum windows from companies such as Reynaers, Schüco, Aluprof have been certified and comply with the burglary protection class RC3 according to EN 1627.

Easy Maintenance and Inexpensive Operation

Windows with aluminum profiles are easy to maintain in good condition. Dirt does not stick to the polished surface, there are practically no traces of streaks after rain or snow. Unlike plastic, which can become electrified and attract dust, aluminum repels dirt that gets on it.

Unlike wood, the frame does not need to be painted or varnished every two to three years. Aluminum is not afraid of termites, mold, changes in temperature and humidity. In any weather, it retains its perfect appearance and reliably protects the house from cold and heat.

Of course, over time, a layer of dust can settle on aluminum profiles. But to remove it, just wipe the frame with a damp cloth. It can also be treated with household cleaners.

Aluminum is a Material with the Eco Prefix.

We all care about our planet and try to give preference to safe and environmentally friendly materials with a minimal carbon footprint. And aluminum also has advantages here.

The timber is not affected by the production of aluminum profiles. The metal does not emit toxic substances when heated. Smelting uses electricity rather than fossil fuels. 

Warm profile systems contain a small amount of plastic. Polymer thermal break ensures low heat transfer and high thermal insulation of the frame. But its quantity is an order less than in PVC windows.

Aluminum Windows Save Your Money

It may seem incredible, but modern aluminum frames are “warmer” than wood and PVC windows. And they will help reduce the cost of air conditioning or heating by 10-15%. How is this possible?

Due to the high rigidity of the profile and low temperature deformation, aluminum windows retain high tightness. This indicator can reach 900 Pa and correspond to class 4 according to EN 12207 and AE 1800, EN 12208.

A polymer element is installed inside the aluminum profile, which performs the function of a thermal break. It provides low heat transfer. For example, in the range of Aluprof, there is a profile system MB 104 PASSIVE with a heat transfer level of 0.4 W /(m2·K), which fulfills the requirements of the “passive house” standard.

And the main news is that aluminum windows may even be too affordable for you and comparable in price with window profiles made of wood or PVC, if you order them from manufacturers from Eastern Europe. The difference even covers the cost of shipping across the Atlantic, if you place a wholesale order when replacing windows throughout the house. The peculiarity of European processors of profile systems is that they are customer-oriented. They make frames of any shape and size, this is a basic service, you do not need to pay extra for it. You can learn more about aluminum windows and delivery here: