Are there any haunted houses in real life?

Are there any haunted houses in real life?

We write about plenty of creepy destinations at The Lineup, but the chilling tales behind these old homes take the cake. Here are 20 real-life haunted houses and the ghost stories they contain. From unexplained knocking, howling and screaming, to ghost-sightings, murders and more, these eerie spots will make your residence look like a paradise.

Are there any ghost stories that are true?

When a stake was plunged into his body, it was reported that fresh blood spurted from his ears and mouth, a horrible scream arose, and his skin turned black. At that point, the murders ceased. Some call Plogojowitz “the first vampire,” which may be more chilling than any other true ghost stories.

What was the story of the haunted house?

A naive young maid was seduced, told a lie and abandoned in a pregnant state. Violence produced restless spirits: murder/suicide, and a tragic duel.

Which is the most haunted place in the world?

(Translation from Loeb Classical Library, 1914.) Britain’s numerous castles are hotspots for ghost stories. The 900-year-old Tower of London is said to contain numerous ghosts, and the Queen’s House is considered by tower officials to be one of the most haunted locations.

The stories behind these real-life haunted houses still give us nightmares. Many of the most terrifying properties are prisons, hotels, and hospitals, but there are also some seriously scary residences that are basically real-life haunted houses.

Which is the most haunted house in the south?

The 1796 mansion is known to many as the South’s most haunted plantation. Legend has it that a slave named Chloe was hanged for poisoning the plantation owner Judge Clark Woodruff ‘s daughters. Now, it’s a bed and breakfast that’s open for tours and special events. But that hasn’t stopped the hauntings.

Which is the most haunted house in Ohio?

Ohio’s most haunted house is actually more of a castle. The stone structure in Cleveland is filled with tons of terrifying tales, including the mysterious deaths of multiple Tiedemann family members family members. There are also rumors of an axe murder, a mass Nazi shooting, and uncovered baby bones.

Is there a haunted house in the French Quarter?

Now, the corner building is a stop on the Haunted History Tours in the French Quarter. On an otherwise sleepy street in the tiny town of Villisca, Iowa, sits an old white house with an alarming past. On June 10, 1912, someone killed Josiah Moore, his entire family, and two guests—and was never caught.