Do intra-articular fractures require surgery?

Do intra-articular fractures require surgery?

[2] From 1990 to 2015, WorkSafeBC saw 6025 workers with distal radius fractures. Extra-articular distal radius fractures, which are typically the result of a low-energy event, can be treated with conservative management, while intra-articular fractures may require surgery.

When do you fix a distal ulna fracture?

Direct repair or reattachment of the ulno-radial ligament to the fovea of the ulnar head is required if the ulnar styloid fragment is too small or if DRU-joint instability is present without an ulnar fracture.

What is a distal ulna fracture?

A distal radius fracture can be isolated, which means no other fractures are involved. It can also occur along with a fracture of the distal ulna (the forearm bone on the small finger side). In these cases, the injury is called a distal radius and ulna fracture.

Does an ulnar styloid fracture require surgery?

While distal radius fractures usually require realignment, a cast, or surgery, ulnar styloid fractures themselves usually don’t require treatment.

Where is the distal ulna located?

The lateral, distal end of the ulna is the head of the ulna. It articulates with the ulnar notch on the radius and with the triangular articular disc in the Wrist Joint.

How long does it take for intra-articular fracture to heal?

When anatomically realigned, these injuries heal in 4 to 6 weeks without complication.

Can a distal ulnar fracture be treated with a cast?

If the ulnar styloid fracture is associated with a distal radius fracture, the ulnar styloid fracture will reduce with reduction of the distal radius in many cases [19] (Fig. 2). In such circumstances they can be treated with an above elbow cast for 6 weeks [20].

What kind of fracture is the distal ulna?

Combined distal radius and distal ulna fractures Most distal ulna fractures occur with a distal radius fracture. On the whole the clinical outcome following such an injury will be determined by the type and severity of the distal radius fracture.

What does it mean to have an intra articular fracture?

Intra-articular fractures are simply fractures that involve a joint space (see below figure).

What happens if you have a dorsal ulnar fracture?

Radius fractures of the dorsal ulnar or volar ulnar facets, can lead to instability as they represent avulsion injuries of the dorsal and volar DRUJ ligaments and disrupt the bony architecture of the sigmoid notch