Does delsin get paper powers?

Does delsin get paper powers?

inFamous: Second Son’s Paper Trail missions will come to a close this Friday, April 25, but developer Sucker Punch Productions has confirmed that Delsin won’t be receiving Celia’s paper power by the end. Paper Power would have been cool.

What do you get for completing inFamous paper trail?

The end reward for the Paper Trail DLC has been revealed. The developer announced via Twitter that anyone who completes all six missions will receive Celia’s Mask and four custom Delsin jackets.

How long is the paper trail in inFamous second son?

six weeks
Paper Trail is the first set of DLC to be released for InFamous: Second Son. The content interweaves both console and web browser gameplay. It is being released over the course of six weeks.

How many paper trail missions are there?

During part 4 of the 6 part Paper Trail experience, when prompted to search for your next clue using the picture found online, head down to the Seattle Fish Market using this image as a reference.

Can you get the Origami power in Infamous?

Paper refers to the ability to control and manipulate every form of paper. The ability is first seen in Infamous: Second Son and is used by Celia Penderghast, the only known Conduit to have this ability….Paper.

Power Paper
User/s: Celia Penderghast
Attributed to: Paper manipulation
Appears in: Infamous: Second Son

How do you get Infamous: Second Son Cole’s legacy?

Cole’s Legacy is an expansion pack for Infamous: Second Son which was initially available only by pre-ordering the game (For US Customers), or purchasing the Special Edition (All other Countries).

Is there DLC for Infamous: Second Son?

Will bridge the gap from inFamous 2. The special edition version of inFamous: Second Son will include Cole’s Legacy, a set of exclusive DLC missions set to focus on the aftermath of inFamous 2’s ending.

Can you still do paper trail infamous second son?

Paper Trail is a site that is centered around Infamous: Second Son. Its purpose is to have a series of mini-games released on a weekly basis which eventually leads to free DLC for people who participate in the events. As of December 16, 2018, the website is no longer active, but the in-game missions are still playable.

Is there DLC for infamous second son?

Can you still do infamous paper trail?

On December 16th, the web-based puzzle portions of inFamous Paper Trail will be shutting down for good. The inFamous Paper Trail PlayStation 4 missions will continue to function within Infamous Second Son, so you’ll still be able to complete Celia’s story!”

Is there DLC for Infamous Second Son?