Does Nike+ still work?

Does Nike+ still work?

As of April 30, 2018, Nike will retire services for legacy Nike wearable devices, such as the Nike+ FuelBand and the Nike+ SportWatch GPS, and previous versions of apps, including Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club version 4.

How do I connect my Nike FuelBand to my phone?

The app uses your iPhone’s Bluetooth to sync, so you’ll have to pair the band with your device. Download and install the app from the App Store. Hold down the button on your FuelBand until you see the Bluetooth icon show up, then let go, then press the button again.

What does Nike FuelBand track?

The Nike+ FuelBand was an activity tracker worn on the wrist and compatible with iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. As part of the Quantified Self movement, the FuelBand allows its wearers to track their physical activity, steps taken daily, and amount of energy burned.

Is the Nike Fuelband SE available on Amazon?

Amazon Business: Make the most of your Amazon Business account with exclusive tools and savings. Login now The new Nike+ FuelBand SE is the smart, simple and fun way to get more active.

How can I check the battery level on my Nike FuelBand?

You can check the battery level by using the Nike Fuelband app, but there’s a way to check it directly from the Fuelband. Read below to know how. I find it interesting that your activity can be measured in terms of numbers and colours.

Are there other fitness trackers Besides Nike +?

If you want a device that tracks your full activity like weightlifting, cycling, yoga and all that your should consider other devices like Fitbit or Jawbone with their additional tracking devices, or the “Polar WearLink+ transmitter Nike+”, or wait for the Apple Watch.

Can You track Your Sleep with Nike +?

However, with Nike+ Sessions you can track anything you consider a session, like rumba class, walking, running, dancing, and of course, sleeping. So there you have a way to track your sleep, although I find it useless.