Does RBS own Gogarburn?

Does RBS own Gogarburn?

RBS Gogarburn The Royal Bank of Scotland headquarters is planned for an 80-acre site of a former hospital at Gogarburn, near Edinburgh Airport, which RBS bought from Lothian Primary Care Trust in Summer 2001.

How many people work RBS Gogarburn?

The enormous campus, which stretches over a 100-acre site, remains the bank’s official headquarters. It can house 6,000 employees, but since lockdown most staff have been working from home.

How do I get to RBS Gogarburn?

The nearest stations to Rbs Gogarburn are:

  1. Gogarburn A8, Gogar is 296 meters away, 5 min walk.
  2. Gogarburn (Edinburgh Trams), Gogar is 524 meters away, 8 min walk.
  3. Edinburgh Gateway is 1333 meters away, 18 min walk.
  4. Meadowfield Industrial Estate, West Craigs is 1841 meters away, 25 min walk.

Where are RBS based?

Edinburgh, Scotland
The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS; Scottish Gaelic: Banca Rìoghail na h-Alba) is a major retail and commercial bank in Scotland….Royal Bank of Scotland.

Industry Finance and insurance
Founded 1727
Headquarters Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Key people Alison Rose (CEO) Howard Davies (chairman)

Is NatWest part of RBS?

On 14 February 2020, it was announced that RBS Group was to be renamed NatWest Group, taking the brand under which the majority of its business is delivered. On 16 July 2020 the company announced that the rebrand would take place on 22 July 2020. The change took effect on 23 July 2020.

Who owns NatWest?

NatWest Group
NatWest Holdings Inc.
NatWest/Parent organizations

Where is the Royal Bank of Scotland headquarters?

Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Royal Bank of Scotland/Headquarters

Who is RBS owned by?

NatWest Group
NatWest Group plc (formerly The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc), is a majority state-owned British banking and insurance holding company, based in Edinburgh, Scotland….NatWest Group.

Head Office of NatWest Group
Subsidiaries NatWest Holdings NatWest Markets RBS International

Which banks are part of RBS Group?

Royal Bank of Scotland. Ulster Bank. Coutts. Child & Co. Drummonds.

  • Isle of Man Bank. Lombard. RBS International. NatWest Markets. FreeAgent.
  • Can you have a NatWest and RBS account?

    A: Unfortunately not. The data for each bank is maintained separately, so for each bank, you need a separate Bankline account.

    Is NatWest owned by UK government?

    The British state currently owns around 54.7% of NatWest after spending 45 billion pounds ($61.87 billion) bailing out the lender 13 years ago. The government said it planned to sell up to 15% of the total volume of NatWest shares being traded on the market over the duration of the plan.

    What are plans for RBS Gogarburn in Edinburgh?

    Plans for the RBS Gogarburn site have been developed following extensive consultation with the planning and transportation departments at the Scottish Executive and City of Edinburgh Council. They include the retention of B-listed Gogarburn House which will be restored for use as a staff leisure and health club.

    Who was the owner of Gogarburn House Edinburgh?

    1. Gogarburn House built by James Jerdan, on the site of an earlier house. Edinburgh District Board of Control bought the mansion house and estate of Gogarburn to establish a new hospital for the treatment of mentally handicapped patients, separate from the asylum system.

    Why is the Royal Bank of Scotland headquarters in Gogarburn?

    The main building at Gogarburn therefore has a clear social/community focus and circulation pattern. It seeks to integrate completely with a beautiful restored landscape and to bring that landscape into the headquarters building.

    Is the hospital in Gogarburn still in Edinburgh?

    Yes Simon: Gogarburn House was the building that housed Gogarburn Hospital. It lay to the south of the Edinburgh-Glasgow Road, between Gogar Roundabout and the turn-off to Edinburgh Airport. The hospital has closed, but Gogarburn House has not been demolished.