How can I join Chilla sports Complex?

How can I join Chilla sports Complex?

Opened on Pay & Play on 1st September, 2001 and Membership launched on 1st November, 2001. Membership: Membership is open subject to availability of vacancies. Membership form with a copy of Rules & Regulations can be obtained from the Complex on payment of Rs. 100/- (GST extra).

Which sport is most popular in Delhi?

Cricket is very well organised and established within Delhi and most popular spectator sport.

How do I join Siri Fort sports Complex?

Membership :- Membership to the Complex is closed. Senior citizen, Special Temporary and Temporary memberships are open. Membership form with a copy of Rules & Regulations may be obtained from the Complex on payment. For FEES of various types of membership details click here.

Which is the best stadium in Delhi?

From cricket grounds to boxing rings and squash courts, here’s our list of the best sporting venues in Delhi.

  • Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium. Stadium.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi. Stadium.
  • Thyagaraj Sports Complex. Stadium.
  • Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium. Stadium.
  • Talkatora Indoor Stadium.
  • R.K.
  • Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium.

Which is the national game of Delhi?

The country’s first few Olympic Games, now renamed as National Games, were held in North India (Delhi, Lahore, Allahabad, Patiala), Chennai, Calcutta, and Mumbai….National Games of India.

Abbreviation NG
First event 1924
Occur every uneven
Last event 2015
Headquarters Olympic Bhawan, B-29, Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi

Which sport is most watched in India?

Cricket is the most popular sport in India, the country has hosted and won the Cricket World Cup on multiple occasions.

How do I become a Siri Fort member?

Senior citizens above 60 years of age can get special concession for obtaining membership, by paying asRs. 3540/- entry fee and Rs. 142/- monthly subscription….Siri Fort Sports Complex.

Location August Kranti Marg, New Delhi – 110049 (Near Siri Fort Auditorium)
Contact No. Reception – 26496657 & 26496672
Email [email protected]

How do I become a member of Saket Sports Complex?

Senior citizens above 60 years of age can get special concession for obtaining membership. They pay only 20 percent of the normal entry fee and 60 percent of the normal monthly subscription. School and Colleges can book the Sports facilities on weekdays at special rates, for team and individual games.

Which is the biggest stadium in Delhi?

The biggest stadium in Delhi – Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

  • Asia.
  • National Capital Territory of Delhi.
  • New Delhi.
  • New Delhi – Places to Visit.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Which is the famous stadium in New Delhi?

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is a multi-sports stadium located in New Delhi, India. It is named after the first Prime Minister of India.

What games were held in Delhi?

The 2010 Commonwealth Games (Hindi: 2010 राष्ट्रमण्डल खेल), officially known as the XIX Commonwealth Games and commonly known as Delhi 2010, was an international multi-sport event that was held in Delhi, India, from 3 to 14 October 2010….Host selection.

City Country Votes
Delhi India 46
Hamilton Canada 22

Which is the first national game of India?


List of National Games of India
Edition Year Host(s)
I 1924 Lahore
II 1926 Lahore
III 1928 Lahore