How do I find my Virgin Media router password?

How do I find my Virgin Media router password?

Sign in to the settings page using the Hub’s Settings Password, the default Settings Password is printed on the bottom of the Hub.

How do I configure my virgin router to use WPA2 or wpa3?

Swipe through

  1. Enter into your browser.
  2. Enter your admin name and password*
  3. Once signed in, go to Advanced settings > Wireless. > Security.
  4. Select the dropdown next to Security and change it to WPA2-PSK **
  5. Select Apply changes.

How do I connect to super hub 2?


  1. Step 1: Press and hold the round WPS button until it flashes.
  2. Step 2: Open your device’s Network Manager, or find the WPS button on your device. Make sure you do this within two minutes of the button flashing.

How do I login to my virgin router?

In normal router mode you access the Virgin Media router settings by: Typing into your web browser (or by clicking on the link to the left) Entering the router settings password in the box shown on screen – you’ll find that password on a sticker on the base of the router.

How do I change my router password Virgin Media?

Swipe through

  1. Enter into the address bar of your browser.
  2. Once signed in select Configure your WiFi connection.
  3. Select > Change next to your current WiFi network password or name.
  4. Enter a new password or name, then select Apply changes and close the window*

How do I change my Virgin Media router to WPA3?

Re: WPA3 support Log into the admin panel at and go to Advanced Settings > Wireless > Security. Then change the security drop down from ‘WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK’ to just ‘WPA2-PSK’ and apply the settings.

How do I set my router to WPA2 or WPA3?

Follow the steps to level up the security mode:

  1. Go to the “Advanced” tab.
  2. Open the “Wireless” section.
  3. Select “Wireless Settings”.
  4. Here select WPA2/WPA3 Personal as your security.
  5. Select the WPA3-SAE option in the “Version” setting.

How do I log into my superhub?

By using a web browser of your choice and entering the IP address of your Super Hub 3 router in the address bar you will load the login screen. You can find the ip address on the back of your router. Now enter the default username and password of your router and you will be granted access to its admin panel.

Where do I Find my Virgin Media super hub password?

The username and/or password can be found on the label on the back of your Super Hub under “Super Hub settings”. If you are unable to login to the Virgin Media Super Hub 2 router it is probably because you changed your username and password in the past and have forgotten.

How does port forwarding work on Virgin Media Super Hub 2?

This is called a port forward. The basic process to open a port is: Setup a static IP address on the computer or console you want these ports forwarded to. Login to your Virgin Media Super Hub 2 router. Find the port forwarding section. Click the Advanced Settings button. Click the Port Forwarding link.

Do you need to change your Virgin Media password?

If you’re a Virgin Media customer still using Virgin’s old Super Hub 2 router, you need to change your password now. The firm is advising around 800,000 customers still using this specific router to change their password as soon as possible, following a Which? investigation revealing major security breaches.

What kind of router does Virgin Media have?

Virgin Media has launched a new combined cable modem and router, the ‘new’ Super Hub or Super Hub 2 as we’re calling it. The big draw here is the addition of simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, so you can use one for general compatibility and reserve the other for high-importance and -bandwidth jobs such as streaming HD video.