How do I get my medihelp tax certificate?

How do I get my medihelp tax certificate?

Medihelp members can get their tax certificates on Medihelp’s Member Zone:

  1. Log in to the Member Zone with your registered login details.
  2. Click on Tax certificates on the homepage.
  3. Choose the tax year and delivery method.

How do I submit a medical aid tax certificate?

On a desktop computer:

  1. Log in with your registered login details.
  2. Select MEDICAL AID.
  3. Select Find documents and your certificates. This will take you to the Find a document page.
  4. Select Get your tax certificate.
  5. Choose the tax year and delivery method.

What is a medical tax certificate?

This certificate details exactly how much was paid to the medical aid for yourself and your dependents over the course of the tax year (1 March to end Feb). This information is important for your tax return and the information included can improve your chances of getting a tax refund when you submit.

How do I open a tax certificate in momentum?

Double click on the document, in order to view your certificate: Alternatively, visit, using Internet Explorer.

How do I get a medical tax gem certificate?

To obtain your tax certificate from GEMS, contact our call centre’s 24-hour automated self-service facility on 0860-00-4367, or log on to Member Online on

How do I get my Bonitas tax certificate?

Bonitas Medical Fund Log in or register on the Member Zone, click on ‘My documents’, click on ‘Tax certificate’ and save the tax certificate to your device. You can also call us on 0860 002 108 and use our self-help service. Follow the voice-prompts and select options 1-2-1 to help you get your tax certificate.

How do I submit my IRP5 online?

On the eFiling wizard page (the first page), just enter the number of IRP5’s that you have in the number entry box. Then when you click the button to generate your tax return form there will be multiple empty IRP5 documents for you to fill in.

How do I claim medical assistance from SARS?

Need help?

  1. Call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 SARS (7277)
  2. Visit your nearest SARS branch.

What is a tax certificate used for?

A tax certificate is a certificate issued by your retirement fund administrator that confirms the contributions you made to the fund during the tax year. They are typically only relevant for retirement annuity funds.

How does the medical tax credit work?

A tax credit you can use to lower your monthly insurance payment (called your “premium”) when you enroll in a plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace®. Your tax credit is based on the income estimate and household information you put on your Marketplace application.

How do I download my momentum tax certificate?

How to download my Momentum tax certificates

  1. Register or login to
  2. Add your email address.
  3. Change your communication preference to email to make sure that you automatically get your tax certificates from us in the future.

Where can I get my medical scheme tax certificate?

Most medical aid providers offer a self-service portal online where you can login and download your tax certificate. Others have a call centre that you can phone and ask that they post or email your tax certificate to you. Select your medical aid / medical scheme below to get your tax certificate: Discovery Health – website.

Are there ethical WRT premiums for spectra medical aid?

Spectra medical aid/Health Squared are not ethical wrt monthly premiums as well as communication to there clients. I’m very interested to see the way forward as we cancelled with immediate effect as a result of the uncommunicated price and company take over.

How are medical expenses reflected on a tax certificate?

If you submit ALL your medical expenses to your medical aid, this amount is normally reflected on your tax certificate from the Medical Aid as ‘claims not paid’, ‘amount not reimbursed’ or something similar. Remember that this won’t include expenses you paid for but didn’t submit to medical aid – you’ll have to add those up separately.