How do I turn off smart image on Philips monitor?

How do I turn off smart image on Philips monitor?

Press the “SmartImage” key continuously for 3 seconds to disable the SmartImage demo mode.

What is smart image on Philips monitor?

SmartImage is an exclusive leading edge Philips technology that analyzes the content displayed on your screen and gives you optimized display performance. This user friendly interface allows you to select various modes like Office, Photo, Movie, Game, Economy etc., to fit the application in use.

How do I turn off my Philips monitor?

Turn on your computer and monitor. If the monitor displays an image, installation is complete. Press to switch power on. Press more than 3 seconds to switch power off.

How do I exit smart image demo?

Please press the SmartImage key for over 8 sec to exit /or ON the demo mode.

How do I unlock my Philips monitor controls?

Answer: Locking the monitor controls ensures that settings cannot be changed. With the monitor switched on, press and hold the right hand button on your monitor panel for up to ten seconds. You will either get the message “Monitor controls locked” or “Monitor controls unlocked” on screen.

How do I adjust the color on my Philips monitor?

Can I change the color setting of my monitor?

  1. Press “OK” to show the OSD (On Screen Display) menu.
  2. Press “Down Arrow” to select the option “Color” then press “OK” to enter color setting, there are three settings as below.
  3. Color Temperature; The two settings are 6500K and 9300K.

How do I unlock monitor controls?


  1. Press and hold the main menu button on the monitor for 10-15 seconds.
  2. The lock symbol should change to an open padlock.
  3. Set the preferences as desired.

How do I unlock my screen menu?

Turn off the monitor, press down the Menu button and then turn on the monitor. Wait 10-20 seconds. This should unlock the OSD.

How do I wake up my Philips monitor?

Press the “Input” button on your LCD monitor’s front panel repeatedly at three- or four-second intervals until your monitor wakes up. If your monitor is set to an incorrect input mode, it won’t receive a video signal.

How do I take my monitor off sleep mode?


  1. Go to Control Panel -> Power Options.
  2. Click Choose when to turn off the display in the left pane.
  3. Click Change advanced power settings.
  4. Go to Power buttons and lid and expand Lid close action.
  5. Change Plugged in to Do nothing.