How do you check someones stats on call of duty?

How do you check someones stats on call of duty?

Here’s how, navigate to your profile and on each game card where the statistic tracker is available you can simply click ‘Stats’. The second way that you will be able to view your statistic tracker is at the top in the navigation menu.

How do I check my stats on cod lobby?

How to see your Warzone lobby’s K/D ratio

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Activison,, Xbox, or PlayStation username.
  3. Click on the ‘View All Matches’ button.
  4. Select the game mode you wish to view.
  5. Look at the ‘Lobby K/D’ section.
  6. Check how your K/D stacks up against the rest of the lobby.

How do you check your stats on Modern Warfare?

Wanting to show your friends how you’re doing in Modern Warfare or check out some of the stats of your squad? Pull up the Companion App and head to the Player tab. In the Player tab, you can view your lifetime stats, weekly stats, stats per game mode (TDM, Dom, HQ, S&D, and Cyber Attack), recent achievements, and more.

What are average Cod stats?

According to theguywithacamera’s stats, the average Warzone K/D is 0.92. Players will find that the average Warzone K/D is around 1.00, meaning that a player with this stat gets one kill per death, which is not horrible for a battle royale game like Warzone, where you can get eliminated in the blink of an eye.

How do you check someones warzone stats?

Check in-game stats via internal tracking in Warzone

  1. Users must go to Barracks in the main menu.
  2. They may click on records to check personal stats from past games.
  3. Players can choose the kind of stat they want to view.

How do I track my warzone lobby?

Open the Warzone Tracker app and boot up Warzone. When you’ve joined a lobby, hit ‘Alt+L’ to bring up all the live player information.

How do I check my warzone stats?

To track your Warzone stats in-game, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Call of Duty: Warzone, and select Warzone on the title screen.
  2. Select Barracks.
  3. Select Records.
  4. Choose either Score, Kills, Wins, or Plunder to track your stats.

How do I see my warzone stats?

The website you can check all your Warzone stats is, which is currently tracking 59,967,286 players for Modern Warfare. It’s straightforward to use the Warzone stat tracker. All you need to do is select your platform with the button next to the search bar and then enter your Activision username.

What is the average KDR in cod?

The average KD ratio in Call of Duty: Warzone is slightly below one, likely somewhere around 0.95:1. Both kills and deaths affect KD, but since it’s possible to die without being killed by another player, the average Warzone kill-death ratio is less than one.

Is KD 1.22 good?

The average K/D of the players is 1.59. If you pad all the player’s deaths by 1 (say they all suicided once), the average K/D would be 1.22. Pad all the players deaths by 2 and the average K/D would be 1.000993913, pad all players deaths by 3 and the average K/D would be 0.850893551.