How do you create a Notan?

How do you create a Notan?

Create a Notan

  1. Gather supplies.
  2. Cut a shape from one edge of the 4″x4″ paper.
  3. Repeat cutting shapes on all 4 sides of the square.
  4. When all are cut, lay them in place.
  5. You can cut shapes twice.
  6. Glue down the remainder of your square.

What makes a strong Notan design?

The fewer the number of values, the stronger the Notan structure. If you use smooth gradations in your painting, keep the values within a narrow range so as not to break the structure. The fewer gradations you have, the stronger will be your design structure.

What is a notan in art?

: the combination of lights and darks especially as used in Japanese art : the design or pattern of a work of art as seen in flat areas of dark and light values only — compare chiaroscuro.

What is Notan in Japanese art?

Nōtan (濃淡) is a Japanese design concept involving the play and placement of light and dark elements as they are placed next to the other in the composition of art and imagery.

Which type of balance does a notan design use?

Notan refers to the balance between light and dark elements. You can use notan studies to explore the different arrangements or patterns of light and dark elements. Depending on how diverse the values are in your subject, you could use either a 2, 3 or 4 value notan study.

What is the concept of notan?

Notan is a Japanese term which literally means “light dark harmony”. Notan is a Japanese design concept that is interested in the use of light and dark colors/shapes, etc and looking at how these light/dark art elements interact with each other.

What is Notan paper cutting?

Notan is a term used in Japanese art, meaning ‘dark – light harmony’. They were asked to cut out a series of shapes from one of the long sides of their white paper, leaving a space between each one. …

What is the purpose of Notan art?

Notan is a Japanese term which literally means “light dark harmony”. Artists use “notan studies” to explore different arrangements of light and dark elements in a painting, without having the distraction of other elements like color, texture and finer details.

Which is the best definition of Notan design?

Notan design is the way in which you arrange the darks, lights and grays in a painting. If you create a good notan design in your painting, it does not matter so much which colors you actually use – you painting will still have a strong effect.

How to make a good notan painting at home?

1 Use brush pens to plan out the lights and darks Do a series of Notan paintings using grey and black brush ink pens to get an idea for 2 Pick the best design Analyze your studies and pick the design you think has the best composition. A good design will have a dominant value. 3 Follow your notan design in your painting block in

What do two value Notan paintings look like?

Two-value notan paintings are extremely simplistic and harsh. They look at the dark and light elements of a picture or painting and color the dark in black and light in white. This leaves you with very striking shapes in black and white, and often the original painting is hard to recognize.

What can you do with Notan art paper?

Here are some lovely examples I dug up for your gawking pleasure: Notan lends itself beautifully to quilting as in this piece by Lynn Ticotsky. This is impressive. (Original source doesn’t exist anymore.) Now grab your paper, scissors (small pointy suckers if you’re getting complicated), or X-acto knife, and glue, and let’s paper craft.