How do you get past the thieves hideout in A Link Between Worlds?

How do you get past the thieves hideout in A Link Between Worlds?

Start by crossing the narrow catwalk and merging along the wall to step on a button, creating a bridge. Go through the bars and defeat the enemy, and swim across to the left side of the room. A long catwalk has been stacked against the wall, so merge behind it and pop out to knock it down across the pit.

Where is the thieves hideout in Zelda link between worlds?

The Thieves’ Hideout is a dungeon in A Link Between Worlds. The dungeon is located in Thieves’ Town in Lorule, and its boss is Stalblind. Completing the Thieves’ Hideout will grant Link access to the Sand Rod.

How do I get through thieves hideout?

Here’s how to get through and collect all of the treasure without being seen:

  1. Walk up the stairs and take the Mighty Bananas.
  2. Wait for the guard below to walk to your left, and then paraglide down, past him.
  3. Walk down the stairs and drop some Mighty Bananas in the path just beyond the farthest barrier.

How do you get to the sand dungeon in A Link Between Worlds?

To enter the Desert Palace, enter the Misery Mire through the Lorule portal west of the swamp. Once inside the Misery Mire, go north to find a pillar of rock with a portal to return to Hyrule’s desert.

How do I get to thieves town in a link between worlds?

Locations: Link awakens in Lorule at the Blacksmith’s house. Exit the house and be sure to save using the nearby weather vane. Travel to the west to enter Thieves’ Hideout.

How do you get a sand rod?

The Sand Rod is required to enter the Desert Palace. It is only available after completing the Thieves’ Hideout. After Link completes the Thieves’ Hideout, Sheerow takes the Sand Rod Osfala had taken and returns it to Ravio. After that, can be rented for 50 Rupees or bought for 800.

Why can’t ti enter Yiga clan hideout?

Why can’t ti enter Yiga clan hideout? Top Voted Answer. If you are in the correct room, you will see red tapestries around the room. If you burn them, behind one you will find a tunnel that will lead into the hideout.

Where is the desert palace dungeon?

You’re next dungeon will be a breeze with the Sand Rod, and it’s located deep within the desert to the southeast of Lorule. Return to Hyrule using a portal and enter the swamp area to the south end section of Hyrule (to enter the area, merge into the wall to get past the large rock).

How do you get to the desert in a link between worlds?

If you haven’t been back to Hyrule since visiting Lorule, then you’ll have to find an entrance. You can head to where Ravio’s Shop is in Lorule and you’ll find such a portal just south of it. The Desert Palace is located at the southwest corner of the Overworld.

How do you use a sand rod?

The Sand Rod can be used in sandy areas to create blocks of sand that are raised into the air that will eventually disappear. This allows Link to walk on or merge for a path. The Nice sand rod blocks of sand will last untill it is used again. The Sand Rod is required to enter the Desert Palace.

What is the sand wand?

The Sand Wand is a manual operated, where the operator navigates the system over a sediment impacted area. The technology uses a combination of variable water jet and suction removal, offset from the streambed and within a hooded shroud, to selectively remove harmful fine sediments.

Where is the vacant house in link between worlds?

The Vacant House is located in the central part of Lorule, just south of Lorule Castle. It corresponds to Link’s House or Ravio’s Shop in Hyrule. Place a bomb along the northern wall, just outside the house to break open a hole.

How to lead the girl in link between worlds?

Open the locked door next to the thief and speak to the girl. The girl will now follow you and can press A to separate, or if you’d like to lead her. Walk to the north end of the room and move her so she is standing on one of the two switches. Separate from her and stand on the second switch, causing the nearby door to open.

Where to find Red eyegores in link between worlds?

Walk to the southwest corner of the room and stand on the lowered red blocks. Hit the switches to get to the top of this area. Walk northward along the narrow pathway, drop down the broken cage, and then head up a screen. The door will lock behind you and you’ll encounter a group of red eyegores.