How do you get PSO2es?

How do you get PSO2es?


  1. Run the PSO2es Tweaker.
  2. Click on the Install/Reinstall Game button.
  3. Once finished, accept and do the install.
  4. Quit the english patcher and run PSO2es.
  5. Allow the update to finish.
  6. Click on PSO2 button to log in on existing PSO2 account.
  7. Quit after you finish the first mission.

How long is PSO2 maintenance?

It takes 6 hours just to maintain the display correction …

What carries over New Genesis PSO2?

Friend data, communication systems, and alliance will carry over. There’s also a long list of systems and features that won’t carry over to PSO2 NGS, either because they do not exist, or NGS uses different gameplay systems.

Is PSO2 new Genesis a new game?

Today, Sega launched Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, a massive addition to PSO2. It’s not just a traditional expansion to the 2012 game, it’s an entirely new experience. Taking place 1,000 years after the original PSO2, New Genesis lets players’ customized ARKS loose in an open world on the planet Halpha.

What is PSO2es?

Chips in PSO2es. Unlike its sister title, Phantasy Star Online 2 es is a menu-based game with a point-and-click battle system. The game features a unique chip system that allows the player to equip up to 5 different chips to assist them during combat.

How do you get AC PSO2 on steam?

1000AC Exchange Ticket ・By purchasing this exchange ticket, and by logging into Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, you will be able to obtain 1000AC in-game currency. The Exchange Ticket is not an item that can be used in-game. AC will be rewarded automatically upon purchasing it and several seconds after logging in.

Do cosmetics transfer to New Genesis?

Most of your cosmetics collection from CAST parts, outfits, hair and accessories carry over to New Genesis though. Storage information (even expansion slots) will be shared between games, and items from PSO2 can be accessed as long as they also exist in New Genesis.

Can you switch ships in PSO2 New Genesis?

Some notes on Ships in New Genesis Note that you can also request a transfer to a different ship on a different character by choosing Application for Ship Transfer under Settings from the Select Character Screen. The following will carry across Ships in New Genesis: Daily Task Progress.

Do I need to download PSO2 to play New Genesis?

Regardless of which platform you will be playing New Genesis on, you will still need to download the game, whether it be by selecting it in the Xbox storefront or by getting the launcher from your choice of PC platform.

Is PSO2 New Genesis worth playing?

It’s worth it because PSO2 is still a very fun and unique game, there is no reason to keep yourself from playing it if you want to. If you like it then you can buy cosmetics to be beautiful ready for New Genesis, or make a lot of money to spend it later on new cosmetics in New Genesis.

What is the story of Phantasy Star Online?

Phantasy Star Online is an action role-playing game primarily played with other players cooperatively over the internet. Players take on the role of adventurers sent to explore Ragol, an uncharted planet.

Is there a 16 digit password for pso2es?

If you try to login to PSO2es on another device, you will be required to enter a 16 digit code. If you have forgotten your 16 digit password, you can press the button on the lower right corner to send the password to the email address registered with the SEGA ID.

What’s the effect of Gyu collaboration on pso2es?

PSO2es Gyu collaboration! ① Boosts power by 170%. SP: Boosts power by 180%. ② Further boosts the effect of ① by 40% x the number of Lightning chips equipped in boss battles and Tower Quests. ③ Extends the Effect Duration of chips’ abilities by 10 seconds if there is a Lightning chip in this chip’s link slot.

Is there a pso2es friends list on PS4?

PSO2es friends list is separate from the PC/Vita/PS4 version. You can obtain campaign items by pressing the item bag icon in your mailbox. Rewards like Rappy Medals and OP Meds can be retrieved from your mailbox. PSO2es has its own exclusive Emergency Quests. PSO2es has Push Notifications to alert you of PSO2 and PSO2es Emergency Quests.

How do I get to pso2es storage box?

Players with linked accounts will gain access to PSO2es storage by logging into PSO2es. This storage box contains 100 item slots. Since this storage is ship based, items stored within PSO2es Storage will not transfer along with you when you change Ships.