How do you get the third key in Lego Harry Potter?

How do you get the third key in Lego Harry Potter?

Use that to assemble a lever in the opening to the right, along the base of the structure. Then switch to the Griphook character to open that box. With all three keys collected, you can open the gate along the room’s right side….Red Bricks (III)

Brick Cost Location
Extra Hearts 75,000 Charms Lesson Area #2

Where is griphook character token?

Griphook – Upon arrival at the storage vaults there is a chest directly to your right with another Reducto lock. Blow it open to get the valuable Griphook and his key.

How do you get into Slytherin common room Lego?

(Right Image) Free the fish from his bulbous tank on the right edge of the area, then help him left to a tank so that a skull floats. Work with the skull to free it and to convert its eyes into a key that will open the secret doorway. Approach the door and wave at it to gain entry to the Slytherin common room.

How do you make an Ageing potion?


  1. Red Wine (100 mL)
  2. Prune Juice (10 mL)
  3. Hairy Fungus (2 g, mashed)
  4. Tortoise Shell (2 g, powdered)
  5. Caterpillar (5 g, sliced)
  6. Bat Tongue (1, diced)

How do you unlock griphook in Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7?

Character Token #1 – Griphook (00:20): Once you’re off the track and by the dragon, head right to find a sign post that can be controlled by dark magic. Activate it and a cart will appear with a Weasley box and a sucker shoe wall to use. The token is at the top.

How does griphook open the door to Vault 713?

The Vault had no keyhole, but opened when Griphook stroked the door with his finger. He told Harry that if anyone except a Goblin tried to open the door, he would be sucked inside and trapped, and they only checked for prisoners about every ten years (PS5).

How do you get Slytherin boy in Lego Harry Potter?

Slytherin Boy – Using a Slytherin character (Marcus Flint is an easy one to get) or Dumbledore make your way into the Slytherin dorm. Inside blast the picture to cause the couch to drop a box, then blast the box to release this token.

How do you get character tokens in Slytherin common room?

In the dorm room, hit the bed in the back left corner with a blast of magic and you’ll make the token appear. Info: Make your way to the top floor in the Owlery, where you’ll find a gramaphone in the corner. You can hit it to make a record play, then hit it again to knock a disc off so that it will stop playing.

How to summon the snake in Lego Harry Potter?

Summon the snake #1 using ( WL ), jump into his mouth and enter the pipe. You will bump into the Basilisk. Run to the pile of rocks #2 and wait until the rays coming out of his eyes stop shining – jump off and the Basilisk will hit the rocks. Repeat this with the other two piles.

Where are the pieces of the snake in Harry Potter?

There are pieces of a snake on the ground and we used the wingardium leviosa spell but the snake does not build and we are now stuck in this area. It is by the gryffindor commmomroom. Please tell me what we are supposed to do with the snake pieces so we can unlock the gate and move on.

How to destroy a flower in Lego Harry Potter?

Place the pipe piece above the container on the left #1 and water will start falling into it. Once the flower blooms, destroy it ( WL ), afterwards assemble ( WL) a freshener from the scattered bricks and place it in the toilet filled with bad scent.

How to attack Moaning Myrtle in Lego Harry Potter?

Moaning Myrtle will start throwing stuff at you, while hiding inside one of the cabins #1. Use ( WL) to throw back the items and open the doors. Once you get to Myrtle, attack her with magic #2. You have to do this four times in total.