How do you save Sun Ce in Dynasty Warriors 8?

How do you save Sun Ce in Dynasty Warriors 8?

A totem/shrine can be found in the north west of the map that will put a stop to Gan Ji’s magic if destroyed. This will save Sun Ce so that he appear later on.

Where is Gan Ji?

Life. Gan Ji was from Langya Commandery (琅琊郡, present-day southeastern Shandong). According to the Book of Later Han, during the reign of Emperor Shun of Han ( r . 125–144), Gong Chong (宮崇), one of Gan Ji’s disciples, submitted the Taiping Qingling Shu (太平清領書) to the emperor.

How do you unlock stages in Xtreme Legends?

The bottom row of stages are Xtreme Legend stages, and are not part of the main story campaign. You unlock them by playing them IN STORY MODE, not in Free mode. Beating one unlocks the next, but there’s no cutscenes. They do help fill in the gaps in the main story by providing extra stuff.

How to defeat Gan Ji in Dynasty Warriors 8?

1. Defeating Xiahou dun and Gan Ji will enable the stage ‘Defeat Gan Ji’ to be unlocked. TIP – I suggest using Sun Quan as he will have a side mission which is near Xiahou Dun. Start the stage and follow every single mission. When you exit the forest, Sun Ce will advance to the right side path of the map with Zhou Yu.

Where is the altar after defeating Gan Ji?

Afterwards, the battle is the same, and the ending scenes are the same, except when you go back to the map, it will say “The warriors of Wu defeated the sorcery of Gan Ji and Sun Ce returned to health.” There is a altar at the left side of the map, before you kill Gan Ji make sure to go there and destroy it.

What to do when Ma Su gets surrounded by Zhang He?

There seems to be a time limit where Ma Su gets surrounded by Zhang He and Guo Huai. I suggest using Yue Ying and making sure that she is over level 26 so she can have the whirlwind ability on her weapon. Just simply defeat the officers quickly while following the orders of Zhuge Liang.