How many Windows Phone users are there?

How many Windows Phone users are there?

In 2018, there were 1.8 million smartphone users in the United States using a Windows Phone….Number of Windows smartphone users in the United States from 2010 to 2021 (in millions)

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What percent of the market share does Windows have?

Microsoft Windows is the dominating desktop operating system (OS) worldwide as of June 2021, with a share of just under 73 percent. Apple’s Mac operating system has been gaining market share over the years, albeit remaining a minor player in the desktop OS market.

Who has the biggest market share in phones?

Samsung held the largest slice of the global smartphone market by shipments during the second quarter of 2021, regaining ground Apple made with the launch of the iPhone 12 at the end of 2020.

Are there more Windows or Mac users?

Which is more popular, statistically. Statistics show that Microsoft Windows has approximately 91% of the market share, while the Apple Mac OS has around 5% of the market share. The other 4% is owned by other operating systems such as Linux.

Which OS has a bigger market share and why?

Android maintained its position as the leading mobile operating system worldwide in June 2021, controlling the mobile OS market with a close to 73 percent share. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS jointly possess over 99 percent of the global market share.

Which company sold the most phones in 2020?

In 2020, about 1.35 billion mobile phones were sold, with Samsung dominating yearly sales at over 253 million units sold, taking up 18.8% market share.

What is the market share of Windows Mobile?

In the first quarter of 2012, Windows Mobile had a global smartphone OS market share of 2.0 percent. By the end of 2013, they had increased market share to 3 percent. Microsoft is one of the most longstanding tech companies in the world, and has unquestionably contributed to the advancement of communication technologies.

Who are the big players in the smartphone market?

As Huawei share continues to fall coupled with the recent announcement of LG exiting the smartphone business market share is up for grab. In 2Q21 we saw some fairly significant ranking shifts among the big brands most notably Xiaomi moving into the second spot for the first time in history, moving Apple to third spot.

When did the Microsoft Windows Phone come out?

In 2010, Microsoft launched another mobile OS, Windows Phone, which replaced previous versions. Despite the introduction of a new model, Microsoft saw its smartphone market share constantly decline over the years, reaching one of the lowest figures to date in 2015.

Is there a re-emergence of NetMarketShare?

NetMarketShare will re-emerge at some point with a focus on ecommerce trends and verifiable user data. We want to thank everyone who used NetMarketShare over the years. This journey began with reporting on the browser wars, and was one of the most fascinating and fun products anyone could hope to work on.