How heavy is an ARB Bullbar?

How heavy is an ARB Bullbar?

The ARB Large Tube Deluxe bull bar is well over 80kgs. The smaller Deluxe bull bar is around 65-70kgs.

How much does an ARB Summit bar weigh?

Bar adds approximately 8.27 inch to the overall length of the vehicle. Approximate weight of the bar, chassis mounts and fitting kit is 183 lbs. Approximately 48.5 lbs is removed from the vehicle for fitment of the bar netting only 134.5 lbs of additional weight.

Are Bullbars universal?

Accessorising Your Bull Bar Driving lights, antennas and an electric winch are the most popular accessories. Most of these come ‘universal’, meaning that they can be installed on any bull bar. Bull bars come in a range of different styles based on your model of vehicle.

What are ARB bull bars made of?

All ARB bull bars are manufactured from high-quality steel and alloy.

How much does a TJM Outback bull bar weigh?

This TJM Outback bull bar is 4×4 equipped with a integrated steel winch-mount, integrated rated recovery points, reinforced Hi Lift jack points, LED combination lights, plus optional fitment of LED fog lights….SKU.

Weight 93.0000
Height 1.95

Are ARB bull bars powder coated?

Each ARB bull bar is specifically designed to complement the unique contours of individual vehicle models. All ARB bars are finished in a durable powder coat with the option to colour code to your vehicle in order to further enhance the bar’s appeal and provide a more integrated look.

How much does a winch bar weigh?

XCELBAR ergonomic winch bar

Weight: 5.0 lbs / 2.27 kg
Part No.: 2820 0005

How do I know if my bullbar is winch compatible?

Peter, if your alloy bar has the hole behind the number plate for the roller then it’s winch compatible. If not it is usually possible to add a steel winch cradle & adapt the alloy bar to suit.

Can you fit your own bullbar?

While you may be able to fit a bullbar as a DIY option, it can be very difficult to get everything lined up, not to mention cutting the bumper bar and body panels. A professional installation will take care of all this, as well as wiring up any extra driving lights or the winch as needed.

Are ARB bull bars steel or alloy?

Three grades of aluminium alloy are utilised in the construction of the ARB Alloy bull bar, each specifically selected for maximum corrosion resistance and high fatigue strength.

How heavy is a bullbar?

Bull bars range from light weight bits of aluminium pipe (nudge bars) through to seriously heavy duty chunks of steel designed for regular animal strikes without damaging the vehicle. Full size Bull Bars generally weigh anywhere from 25 – 80kg, depending on the material used, thickness and overall design.

How much does a steel bullbar weight?

The average weight of an East Coast Bullbar is approximately 35kg (a steel bar is approximately 80kg). The majority of ARB’s bullbars, however, are steel.

What do you need to know about ARB bull bars?

ARB Bull Bars. Vital for rural and remote area travel, ARB Bull Bars will provide substantially improved protection for vulnerable mechanical components against animal strikes whilst providing a solid base for mounting other accessories like driving lights, winches and CB antennas.

Is the ARB summit bull bar winch compatible?

The Summit bull bar builds on the renowned ARB Deluxe bar architecture, and integrates a fresh and contemporary design language to complement modern vehicles. Available for VX and Sahara 200 Series models, Summit bars are winch compatible and provide next generation protection and styling for your vehicle.

Where are the aerial brackets on an ARB bull bar?

The vast majority of ARB deluxe bull bars incorporate two CB aerial brackets welded behind the top cross tube. Custom fit, clamp on brackets are also available for additional antenna mounting.

What are the different types of ARB bars?

ARB bars are superbly engineered and manufactured to not only maintain maximum functionality, but also to ensure they complement the look of the vehicle. ARB manufactures a number of different bars from the sleek deluxe and Sahara styles, to the more functional commercial bar, as well as nudge bars for smaller SUVs and utes.