How many GF are there in GTA SA?

How many GF are there in GTA SA?

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there are six possible girlfriends Carl Johnson can date, with two of them, Denise Robinson and Millie Perkins, becoming girlfriends through the storyline.

Where can I find all the girlfriends in GTA San Andreas?

  1. Denise Robinson. Denise is the first girl you will meet in the game.
  2. Helena Wankstein. HYou can find Helen at the Ammu-Nation in Blueberry.
  3. Michelle Cannes. You’ll meet Michelle at the driving school of San Fierro She loves fat muscular men.
  4. Katie Zhan.
  5. Barbara Schternvart.
  6. Millie Perkins.

How can I impress my Helena in GTA San Andreas?

Carl can take Helena to either the club in Idlewood, Los Santos (Alhambra) or Queens, San Fierro (Gaydar Station), but the Alhambra remains a better solution since it’s closer, despite both clubs being far away from Helena’s house. To impress Helena with dancing, the player must score at least 4,000 points.

Who is Stephen Bliss?

Stephen Bliss is an English-born, New York based artist, illustrator, muralist and writer who’s career has spanned over thirty years and three continents. Long before Rockstar, Bliss started his career as an in-house artist with Japanese fashion brand Hysteric Glamour.

What are the best mods for GTA San Andreas?

Best GTA San Andreas Mods in 2019 1. Multiplayer Mod 2. Zombie Alarm 3. Pimp My Car 4. ENB Series 5. Retextured 3 6. MapEditor 7. ThingsTo Do In San Andreas 8. Double Wield All Weapons 9. GTA N00bmode 10. Ultra Realistic HD Effects 11. Naruto Mod 12. Spiderman mod

What are the Cheat Codes for GTA San Andreas?

There are 77 cheat codes for GTA San Andreas on Playstation 2: Aggressive Traffic: R2, CIRCLE, R1, L2, LEFT, R1, L1, R2, L2 All cars have Nitros: LEFT, TRIANGLE, R1, L1, UP, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, DOWN, CIRCLE, L2, L1, L1 All Traffic is Junk Cars: L2, RIGHT, L1, UP, X, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L1, L1.

How big is GTA San Andreas?

The in-game San Andreas is square-shaped and its area is estimated to be 33 square kilometres in size (12.7 square miles), the largest setting in the Grand Theft Auto series up until Grand Theft Auto V ‘s rendition of part of the same state.

What is GTA San?

GTA SA is just the short form for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, it is a video game of both crime and action.