How much does a Civil War gun cost?

How much does a Civil War gun cost?

Springfield Model 1861
Manufacturer Springfield Armory Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company Providence Tool Company Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Eagle Manufacturing Company Alfred Jenkins & Sons Lamson, Goodnow & Yale Starr Arms Company Various private contractors
Unit cost $14.93 (1861)
Produced 1861–1865

What caliber was Quigley Sharps?

.45-110 caliber
In the 1990 western film Quigley Down Under, Tom Selleck’s title character uses a Sharps rifle chambered in the . 45-110 caliber.

How much did guns cost in 1860?

The Colt 1860 cost approximately $20 per revolver. This was rather expensive during the 1860s, both for the United States Army and private citizens. Colt had been criticized for this high price, and by 1865 the revolver was reduced to $14.50.

How much did a repeating rifle cost to buy in the Civil War?

Spencer repeating rifle
Designed 1860
Manufacturer Spencer Repeating Rifle Company Burnside Rifle Co
Unit cost $40 (1861)
Produced 1860–1869

What gun did Quigley Down Under shot?

1874 Sharps Rifle
Shooting. The firearm used by Quigley (Selleck) is a custom 13.5 pound (6 kg), single-shot, 1874 Sharps Rifle, with a 34-inch (860 mm) barrel. The rifle used for filming was a replica manufactured for the film by the Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Company of Big Timber, Montana.

What kind of rifle is a Sharps carbine?

Sharps Carbine-1859, Armi Sport, This rifle is a paper cartridge rifle in .54 cal. This Sharps feature a 22″ Round Blued Barrel. The front sight is fixed and barrel features an adjustable rear sight. Stock features a steel patch box. The barrel is 1 in 22″ twist with 6 grooves.

What’s the serial number on a 1867 Sharps carbine?

Model 1867 Sharps Carbine Serial #C72, .52 calm 21″ barrel. Right receiver stamped “R.S. Lawrence, pat. April 12, 1859/C. Sharps’ pat. Oct 5, 1852.” With inspector’s cart …Click for more info * Price Reduced* Another great item from Gainesville Pawn! Up for sale is a Sharps 1859 Carbine.

How much does a Sharps 52rf rifle cost?

$ 16,500. .52rf, #8630, 24 inch barrel, blue finish, walnut stock, brass butt plate, original sights, leather barrel cover is gone, Civil War period. Condition: strong rifling with black powder oxidation the …Click for more info

Is the Sharps 1874 Deluxe in good condition?

Sharps 1874 Deluxe chambered in 45-110 with a 28 inch barrel lightly pitted bore well defined lands & grooves and “Old Reliable” barrel marking. This gun is in very good condition and is …Click for more info This is probably one of the finest ones in existence.