How much is civic car park?

How much is civic car park?

Monday to Friday: 6pm until close. $12 flat fee applies. Weekends and public holidays: $2 per hour to a maximum of $12 until close. Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday.

Is parking free after 6pm in Auckland City?

Zone 1 – charges apply 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week, including public holidays. Zone 2 and Zone 3 – charges apply 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and free after 6pm on weekdays and all day on Sundays. Learn more about the parking price review for Auckland City Centre.

How much is parking at Aotea?

If you’re heading to a show at Aotea Centre, Q Theatre, The Town Hall, or The Civic, we recommend parking at The Civic Carpark, where there’s an evening flat fee of $12 from Monday to Friday from 6pm, and a special weekend rate of $2 per hour to a maximum of $12.

How much is street parking in Auckland?

On-Street and Parking Building Rates Weekdays – Auckland Transport offer capped weekday (6am – 6pm) rates as below: Victoria Street – $4 per hour, maximum $24 per session. Civic – $4 per hour, maximum $24 per session. Downtown – $4.50 per hour, maximum $40 per session.

How much does parking cost in Auckland?

Parking fees

Monday to Friday 6am – 6pm
0-1 hours $4.50
1-2 hours $9
2-3 hours $13.50
3-4 hours $18

How much is monthly parking in Auckland CBD?

Central Auckland

Car park Type and monthly cost
Fanshawe Street car park, CBD Reserved allocated – $368
Garfield Street, Parnell Reserved allocated – $175
Greys Avenue, CBD Reserved allocated – $280
Matiatia, Waiheke Island Reserved unallocated – $165

How long can you park on the street NZ?

In simple terms, if a vehicle cannot move under its own power, it must not be parked on the street in the same place for more than seven days. The fine is $40, but if the vehicle is neither warranted nor registered, the owner can incur fines totalling $440.

How do you use at parking app?

Start and stop parking using the app

  1. Enter the Area ID.
  2. Check vehicle is one you want to use, or tap on vehicle icon and select another vehicle.
  3. Tap ‘Next’
  4. Set your maximum stay time with the slider.
  5. Check tariff information.
  6. Tap ‘Start parking’

How do I pay for parking in Auckland?

Ways to pay for casual parking in Auckland.

  1. AT Park. Register for AT Park and get the AT Park app to pay for casual parking.
  2. AT Park help. Help using the AT Park app, and updating and managing your AT Park account.
  3. AT Park for business.
  4. Pay by plate parking.
  5. Pre-paid parking.
  6. Monthly lease parking.
  7. Licence plate recognition.

How do I cancel Wilson monthly parking?

Step 2: Select ‘My Account’ from the top navigation bar. Step 3: From your recent booking, select the invoice number of the booking you wish to cancel or amend. Step 4: Choose ‘Cancel’ or ‘Amend’ in the bottom right corner. Your booking will be refunded to your credit card.

Where can I park in Auckland Domain?

290 Parnell Rd. 50 spaces. 16 minto destination.

  • 97 Grafton Road. 26 spaces. 16 minto destination.
  • 23 Nicholls Ln. $112 hours. 17 minto destination.
  • 8 Heather Street. $102 hours. 18 minto destination.
  • 21 Park Road. 39 spaces. 19 minto destination.
  • 17 Kingdon St. 260 spaces.
  • 21 Alten Rd. 100 spaces.
  • 80 Broadway. $42 hours.
  • Where is the Civic car park in Auckland?

    For assistance when in the car park, press the Call button on a payment machine. Updated just now. Refreshes every 60 seconds. During peak times availability can change rapidly. 299 Queen Street, under Aotea Square. Entry from Greys Ave or Mayoral Drive. Parking convenient to Queen Street, Town Hall, Aotea Centre, iMAX, Aotea Square.

    How much does it cost to Park in Auckland?

    Learn more about the parking price review for Auckland City Centre. Download the Auckland City Centre parking zone map (PDF 224KB). Zone 1 – Central zone. Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm: $5 per hour for the first 2 hours, then $10 per hour for every subsequent hour. Monday to Friday, 6pm to 10pm: $2.50 per hour for the first 2 hours,

    Are there designated parking spaces at Auckland Transport?

    Auckland Transport offers free designated parking for motorcycles and scooters in all of its car park buildings. Parking spaces are clearly marked out and only one motorcycle or scooter is allowed per space. Patrons parking in excess of 12 hours are encouraged to use level 3 leaving the upper floors for daily commuters.

    Can you pay for parking at Civic car park?

    Once in the car park you can prepay the flat fee at payment machine – this can be convenient when leaving an event in the evening to avoid queues at the machines. Civic car park does not have early-bird parking. The Civic car park has 20 mobility spaces available. First 2 hours free then usual rates apply. After 6pm and weekends free.