How much is zox military discount?

How much is zox military discount?


Discount Type Discount Terms Discount Code
16% Off First Order Only ZOX16
Points Discounts $1 off per 100 Points Redeemed Learn More
Military Discount – 10% Active Military or Veteran in United States Verify for Code
First Responder – 10% First Responder or Medical Verify for Code

What is a unique coupon code?

Unique Coupons A Unique Coupon, on the other hand is a coupon code that is assigned to one and only one person when they sign up. As an example, if customer A and customer B sign up each will receive their own code which would not be transferable between them even though their discount is the same.

How do I become a zox VIP?

VIP – Unlocked when you have earned 1,000 total points. VIP+ – Unlocked when you have earned 10,000 points over the lifetime of your account. Subscriber – Unlocked when you join one of our subscriptions. This tier also gives you access to the Secret Stash(exclusive straps) plus early releases.

What are zox rings made of?

ZOX Rings are made from tarnish-proof Stainless Steel. To clean, just wipe with a soft cloth and store in a jewlery box or cleaning cloth. Gold Rings are plated with authentic 18k gold and are made to last a long time with proper care.

What is a promo code?

Promo codes are a mixture of letters and numbers that make up a specific code. This code can be entered into an ecommerce website to gain discount on a product or service like free shipping. It’s a marketing strategy that gives customers another reason to make a purchase.

What is difference between coupons and promotions?

Between promotions and coupons, the biggest difference is what they target. Promotions focus on discounted shipping, obtaining free items, or getting a percentage off your purchase. Coupons, on the other hand, focus on taking set money amount off and require inputting codes to get the discount.